Extending Investment Management Principles Across the Enterprise

Projects and programs don’t exist in a vacuum. They are vehicles of transformation, funded to enhance business capabilities, launch new products, retire IT assets and more.

But they are typically disconnected from the business and IT assets they impact. Without insight into what is essentially the operating fabric of the company, it’s impossible to effectively coordinate all the moving parts of your business in alignment with strategic priorities. The impact of these disconnections across the enterprise include:

  • Silos that make it difficult to assess alignment of spend (both operational and discretionary) with strategy
  • The inability to assess financial performance, derive true cost of assets and rationalize operational costs to fund innovation
  • An inability to automate strategic roadmaps makes it difficult to identify cross-portfolio impact of proposed and inflight changes
Connect Portfolios

By connecting all portfolios, organizations in effect create a dynamic blueprint of the operating fabric of their entire business. This insight can be used to effectively orchestrate transformation across domains and silos to meet strategic objectives and maximize ROI from every dollar invested.