UMT360 Culture

It starts with great people and an unwavering commitment to results.

Working at UMT360 means interacting with fantastic and diverse talent, solving challenging problems and delivering quality results.



Program Manager

Joined UMT360 in 2010

What excites you the most about your career at UMT360?

The ability to work on interesting and unique projects and take on new responsibilities. I also have the ability to define my career path with full support from the organization. For example I started as a SDET in the engineering team, then moved to a role in the Support department, then became a Technical Consultant and I now serve as a Program Manager. I know I will receive the support needed to continue my career path however it evolves.

How have your colleagues at UMT360 influenced you?

My colleagues influence me every day at UMT360. I like to work with smart people and listen, observe, and learn from them. In my position I work closely with pretty much everyone in every department along with customers, and collectively that broadens my view on the business and understanding multiple perspectives across the team.

What keeps you at UMT360?

The people that I work with are world-class, the work I do each and every day excites me, and I know I will have the opportunity to advance my career in any direction I see fit.




Joined UMT360 in 2017

What’s important to you about your career at UMT360?

The fact I get exposed to a broad range of experiences here at UMT360, and learn something new every day. I am learning about the world of Project & Portfolio Management and Enterprise Portfolio Management, and I get to interact with customers on the phone and at conferences and events. I love the fact my knowledge is growing daily at UMT360.

How is UMT360 different from other companies where you have worked?

We are a flat organization and very open and collaborative. I have access to the people who helped define and develop the PPM space, and can even go to our President and CEO with questions.

How do you keep a balance between home life and work?

I know what I need to do to accomplish my goals at UMT360, so feel I can create my own schedule. Everyone is very accommodating and understanding that sometimes life gets in the way. UMT360 values both working hard during the day but also being able to disconnect after work, which is something I really appreciate.

What do you like to do outside of the office?

I love to be active, get outdoors and explore all that the beautiful Pacific Northwest has to offer! You can find me attending daily yoga classes, hiking in the spring and summer, and skiing in the winter.



Senior Technical Architect

Joined UMT360 in 2003

How has UMT360 impacted your growth?

Working at UMT360 has given me the opportunity to advance my career as well as live in new, exciting places. I started as a developer at the Romanian Center of Excellence, and advanced to a technical consultant role in London. There I started getting involved with more and more projects which broadened my expertise. I’m now a Senior Technical Architect based in the Seattle office.

Have you had the opportunity to develop something new and innovative at UMT360?

Our products at UMT360 are leading the Enterprise Portfolio Management space, and when we combine this with our technical experience we ae always working on creative solutions that add value and enhance our customer’s experience.

What’s important to you about your career at UMT360?

The people at UMT360 are very important to me. My co-workers have become close friends, so I really enjoy the work atmosphere and the collaboration.

Our people make us great.

Something interesting happens when people are passionate, honest, practical and tenacious about working together as a team to meet customer needs. It fosters a culture that’s pragmatic about solving problems and willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy the client in the most effective manner possible. That is UMT360.

Working here means you’ll interact with talented professionals, be challenged to solve difficult problems, and think in new and creative ways. Along the way, you may also make some new friends, have a lot of fun and enjoy opportunities to give back to your community.

One way you’ll find this play out is during our weekly organizational stand-ups. Fantastic talent finds ways to solve problems in unique ways, so our stand-ups become lively discussions that result in thoughtful, out-of-the-box solutions that help solve real customer problems.

Meet the team.

We’re a diverse group from wide-ranging cultures and backgrounds. What does that mean? We’re an inclusive group who values each other’s contributions. And we also have fun outside of the office. Travel-enthusiasts, mountain climbing, skiing, endurance car racing, mountain biking, and more. How does this benefit our customers? It shows we’re a motivated, high-energy team.

Giving back.

As part of our commitment to each other and our community, we take time each quarter to volunteer as a team to help make a difference. 

Organizations we’ve had the honor to serve include Treehouse, which supports youth in foster care; Friends of Youth, who focus on youth homelessness; and Harmony Hill Cancer and Wellness Retreat Center.

Work hard, play hard.

When not collaborating to solve customer problems, UMT360 employees like to have fun. You may find us skiing in the mountains or out on the lake. We’ve been known to cook meals together, and even go kayaking as a team. And every fall, we put our skills and knowledge on the line to compete with each other for the coveted UMT360 fantasy football league crown.

What draws employees to UMT360? It’s an entrepreneurial spirit that manifests itself in everything we do. That’s what keeps us eager to come to work every day and embrace the opportunity to solve real problems. When we’re together at UMT360, we work very hard to make project & portfolio management a successful endeavor for our customers.

Diversity and inclusion.

UMT360 values, and is made up of individuals from diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Diversity and inclusion are important values that are critical to the company’s continued success. We’re an innovative team of individuals working together in an environment where employee ideas and perspectives are valued. A creative and collaborative culture that fosters a positive and productive workplace is key to serving the needs of our clients. That’s why we strive to nurture an environment that embraces our diversity and enables us to recruit, retain and grow the very best team of professionals in the business.