Today’s PMO

Mastering execution while embracing a more strategic mindset.
The best PMOs establish a solid foundation leveraging core PPM principles, then work to enhance their capabilities.

Historically, most PMOs have been solely focused on managing the execution of projects and programs. Effectively managing tactical execution is critical for any organization looking to optimize the value of every project and program investment. So it’s essential to first establish the proper project and portfolio management (PPM) foundation, and master project execution.

Understanding the PMO's evolving role

Every PMO is on a journey that begins with first mastering the fundamentals of PPM, but can eventually lead to place where more sophisticated capabilities are required. So it’s critical that each PMO identifies and develops the right capabilities for each step of this PPM journey. This helps ensure an ability to effectively execute as a stand-alone entity, or work in partnership with more strategically-focused teams whose mission is to orchestrate business transformation.

Going beyond just tactical execution

Having mastered the fundamental processes of tactical execution, it might make sense for your PMO to adopt a more strategic mindset. This means moving beyond simple project execution to begin treating every project like a strategic investment, understanding how each impacts strategy, and mapping the connections and dependencies between everything. With a broader and more strategic perspective comes the need to potentially enhance existing – or develop net new – capabilities, including:

Working side-by-side with the SRO

As masters of execution, PMOs can have an even greater impact when they partner and align with strategic realization offices, sharing the responsibility of ensuring that every initiative is aligned with strategy. By forging a strong relationship with the SRO, the PMO is able to ensure effective delivery regardless of execution methodology, and ensure that the business maintains the critical top-down governance it needs to provide visibility and insight into all portfolios across the enterprise.

The right capabilities at each step of the journey

Establishing a solid PPM foundation is essential in order to gain visibility across all projects. That’s why it’s critical for PMOs to assess their current capabilities, identify potential gaps and have a clear path for next steps. With decades of experience, UMT360 experts can quickly assess what’s needed to help you incrementally establish the right foundation, then map out a path to help you move from tactical execution to become more strategic.