Strategy Realization Office

Specifically designed to orchestrate business transformation

An effective SRO masters strategic planning and execution to help drive a competitive advantage

In response to today’s mandate for digital business transformation, organizations must become better at executing strategy. However, the reality for most organization is that strategy execution is not a key strength, with these key factors holding them back:

  • Inability to clearly define actionable and measurable business strategies and clearly communicate across the organization
  • Poor project success rates that impede the realization of business value
  • Overcoming the tri-modal reality; gaining visibility and control over projects being managed in a variety of execution techniques across the business
  • Going beyond projects to manage the business and IT assets that need to be transformed

Birth of the SRO

A new function is now required to address those historical shortcomings, one that brings with it a top-down approach with a value-orientated mind-set. Known as the Strategy Realization Office (SRO) – or Business Transformation Office – it should be closely aligned with the CFO, COO or chief strategy officer. Established on the business side, and not simply another function of IT, roles within the SRO transcend the PMO’s project / program execution focus and represent the wide variety of functions responsible for orchestrating business transformation.

Addressing Key Imperatives

Properly staffed and situated, an SRO exhibits a broader set of capabilities needed to address key imperatives that currently hold back many organizations from more effectively driving transformation. These include:

In Partnership with The PMO

It’s critical that the PMO and the SRO work in partnership. Divisional / departmental PMOs are still needed to standardize project delivery and improve success rates. The SRO is responsible for establishing the top-down controls to ensure all investments align with the business strategy, providing PMOs with the autonomy to select the appropriate execution methodologies (e.g. agile, waterfall, hybrid etc.) to improve project delivery.

Comprehensive Strategy Realization Management

Powerful portfolio management capabilities are a critical component for any SRO to effectively align all investments with business strategy and accelerate business transformation. Key components of a comprehensive strategy realization management solution include: