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Strategy Execution Management Solution

Powerful software enables you to plan and refine your strategy as a critical part of optimizing organizational performance.

UMT360’s Strategic Execution Management solution helps organizations develop, decompose, fund and plan strategies as effectively and efficiently as possible.

UMT360’s Strategy Execution Management solution

Strategy execution management is the evolution of traditional project delivery.  It’s widely recognized as a key part of Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) processes and tools, and while ultimately, it’s about delivering the initiatives, it’s not just blindly following a plan in the hope that you’ll end up in the right place.  Understanding the secrets to strategy execution management enables you to drive business agility and optimize your return from strategic initiatives.

Strategy Definition & Communication

UMT360 gives you a strategy hub that allows leaders to define their organizational north star, align the entire organization with it, and determine the performance levels that can be achieved.  Strategies and priorities can easily be defined, collaborated on and communicated across the entire organization.  Goals, objectives and performance metrics can be established and tied directly to investments.  Those investments can then further be decomposed into projects and epics, creating a direct connection between the work being done and the strategies that work supports.

Funding & Financial Performance

With UMT360, you can shift funding to the program or product level that you’re now planning around, eliminating the ineffective and inefficient project level funding that is unnecessarily cumbersome.  Investment owners have autonomy over their budgets and can further allocate resources, and apply governance, where they’re needed to deliver work – in the same tool.  Our cost and capital management planning tool supports financial performance management through budget, actual and forecast numbers at macro and granular levels, allowing analysis of problems and opportunities.

Resource Management & Capacity Planning

UMT360’s resource planning tools give you a single solution to capture resource demand, capacity, allocations and utilization – both by function or role, and by individual.  See the impact on resources of different portfolio models, understand upcoming capacity and capability needs, and manage people more effectively across all work structures and delivery methods.

Delivering With Strategic Roadmaps

UMT360’s approach starts with roadmaps – effective collaboration and planning tools that allow you to quickly and visually determine your priorities and then communicate them to all stakeholders in an intuitive way.  Our strategic roadmapping tools show dependencies, and support decomposition from strategies to investments and work items across any of the tri-modal realities – waterfall, agile and ad-hoc delivery.  This allows teams to work with the approach that best suits them, using any execution tool they are comfortable with, and information flows seamlessly into our solution.

Outcome / Benefits Realization

Our benefit realization capabilities directly connect strategy with investments and delivery. Standardized metrics and targets, also set and tracked in 360 Portfolio Insights, can help you directly see where performance adjustments are needed and where outcomes are on track, driving better decisions in less time.

What-if Portfolio Analysis / Modeling

UMT360’s what-if analysis capabilities helps to maintain alignment throughout the delivery window as they shift and evolve through changing circumstances and expectations.  From adjusting roadmaps and analyzing the implications; to what-if analysis and portfolio modeling to review options; to the decisioning and communication of change, everything can be done collaboratively, easily and quickly.  Dependencies are clear, the work level adjustments are immediately evident, and the ability to monitor and confirm the results are accessible to all stakeholders.

Change Request Management

360 Portfolio Insights allows investment and work owners to see the impact of proposed change requests and ensure that only the right work is approved, and that the work is then implemented in the right way.  With the ability to see implications on budgets, resources, schedules, dependencies and benefits in a single solution, change requests become enablers of performance.

Reporting & Dashboards

UMT360 gives you a comprehensive reporting engine that converts data into information presented to every stakeholder in context, allowing for the development of insight and better decision making in less time.  Because our solution relates all strategy execution activity back to the strategic priorities, that reporting is always informing the business on the metrics that matter to achieve those priorities, ultimately improving overall ROI.


UMT360 knows that effective strategy execution management needs seamless integration with all of your enterprise solutions – traditional and agile work delivery, HRIS, ERP, configuration management and so on, eliminating spreadsheets and consolidating insight in one place.  With our integration capabilities you have one source of truth, one set of data shared across the entire enterprise technology infrastructure, and contextualized so each stakeholder gets the insight they need, when they need it.

Whole Enterprise Management

UMT360 knows that strategy doesn’t exist in isolation, so we give you tools to connect with everything else in your organization – vision, strategy, asset portfolios, business capabilities, etc.  Our enterprise architecture solution enables you to develop current and proposed models, detailed roadmaps to help plan and communicate strategy, strategic investments, work breakdowns into multiple structures and delivery modalities, and ultimately the validation of performance.

Strategic Portfolio Management Software

UMT360’s powerful strategic portfolio management software supports every element from roadmapping to resource management to portfolio analysis.  By integrating the software into how you plan, fund and manage your work, your key people are freed up to focus on strategy execution.

  • Your portfolio management function has total insight
  • Business units can manage their own strategies and outcomes
  • Strategic planning can be tied directly to strategic outcomes
  • Integrated data provides a single source of truth for all activities

UMT360’s Proven VIC Framework

UMT360’s VIC framework offers a proven approach to help organizations identify and activate the exact capabilities needed to help them more effectively drive business agility.  Our experts can quickly assess what’s needed to help you incrementally establish the right foundation, then help you move from tactical execution to become more strategic.

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Select The Components That Are Right For You

360 Portfolio Insights

Specifically designed to deliver key capabilities for those focused on orchestration and delivery, helping them ensure that all initiatives, spend and resources are derived from – and continuously align with – strategic priorities.

360 Enterprise Connect

Ensures that those interested in developing a dynamic blueprint of the business have the capabilities they need to more effectively visualize and connect all the disparate silos and assets across the enterprise.