Aligning Execution with Strategy to accelerate Business Transformation

Driving business transformation is difficult if execution – in the form of projects – is disconnected from strategy. The key challenge is gaining visibility and instituting the proper controls across all work. Only with the right top-down business planning and controls is it possible to align all work with strategy.

Accepting The Tri-modal Reality

With work being executed via traditional, Agile and back-of-the-napkin approaches, today’s organizations must adjust to a new reality that some combination of execution methods and tools will be used by teams across the enterprise. So it’s critical to establish standards and gain visibility and control across all work, without impacting teams working in their tool of choice.

Tri Modal Rality

Derive execution from strategy

Whether an organization uses Agile or waterfall execution methodology, the chances are good that their top-down planning techniques are sub-optimal. Evolving from a project-driven approach to more structured program, product or capability-driven approach can help ensure that execution is derived from – and explicitly linked to – strategy.


Continuous planning

The days of the set-it-and-forget-it approach to annual planning are over. Organizations must do more to proactively manage both near-term and longer-term strategic roadmaps – independent of fiscal boundaries. The result is a more dynamic portfolio decision-making process that enables the organization to quickly respond to changes in market conditions or assumptions.

Continuous planning

Optimize resource utilization

Resource Management has long been a capability that no single tool or associated process has fully addressed. Given the mix of different execution techniques and tools now in use, gaining visibility across all resources is an even more daunting task. To optimize resource utilization, both top-down and bottom-up controls are needed to provide each stakeholder with the right resource management tools.

Optimize resource utilization

Optimize costs

To maximize value and optimize project and program spend, it’s critical to treat all projects and programs as the strategic business investments they are. This is a key component to becoming “CFO of your portfolios”. As the execution of these initiatives is explicitly linked with accelerating business transformation, optimizing costs is a skill that every portfolio manager, PMO or SRO needs to develop.

Optimize costs


Orchestrating business transformation requires a clear understanding of all the moving parts. Roadmaps are a critical tool, enabling organizations to visualize, understand and manage the dependencies between all projects and work being executed within the portfolio. They also provide an easy way to visualize and communicate the impact of any change across the project portfolio.

Roadmaps dependencies

Benefits estimating & Realization

Benefits realization provides the insight needed to gauge performance, recognize success, identify areas for improvement, and improve processes across the entire organization. A robust benefits realization framework can effectively measure and track project and portfolio performance and document lessons learned.

Benefits estimating  Realization

BI/portfolio analysis

Critical project and program data locked in silos is hard to report on. Effective portfolio management requires reporting across not just projects and programs, but across all enterprise execution, regardless of where it occurs. Advanced analytics capabilities enable the organization to go beyond static reports and snapshots-in-time to instantly model the impact of any change or potential decision, before the decision is made.

BI portfolio analysis

Going Beyond Projects

Strategy execution means going beyond simple project execution and adopting the capabilities needed to align execution with strategy across the entire enterprise. This enables the organization to eventually connect all execution to the products, services and business capabilities they are funded to transform.

Going Beyond Projects