Investment Planning & Controls

Close the Investment Planning Gap for Microsoft Project Online/Server
Integrate investment planning and controls with the Microsoft PPM platform and reduce reliance on Excel and consolidate critical financial data.

UMT360 bridges the investment planning gaps by seamlessly integrating investment planning and controls with Microsoft Project Online and Project Server. Reliance on Excel is reduced and critical financial data is consolidated directly within your planning and execution system.

Standardize hierarchical financial structures

Standardize hierarchical financial structures (e.g. cost and benefit) and dimensions (e.g. budget, actual and forecast) to consolidate financial data across project and program portfolios.

Build Relevant Portfolio Hierarchy

Build a relevant portfolio hierarchy that includes departments, portfolios, programs and projects to support both top down and bottom up budgeting. For example, record departmental or program budgets separate from associated project budgets.

Establish Governance Controls

Establish governance controls across the PPM lifecycle to ensure the appropriate level of financial data is collected at each workflow stage.

Maintain Multiple Currencies & Exchange rates

Maintain appropriate currencies and periodically update the exchange rates to gain complete financial transparency across geographically dispersed project and program portfolios.

Maintain Auditable Records
of Financial Data

Use powerful Snapshots to maintain auditable records of financial data, metrics and Custom Fields throughout a project’s lifecycle. These can be automatically triggered through workflow transitions, or manually generated by designated users.