Status Reports

Streamline and standardize performance measurement across the enterprise.
Automating status reporting frees up the PMO to focus on more strategic activities like analyzing the portfolio, identifying issues and taking corrective action.

Status reporting can be a logistical nightmare, forcing the PMO to waste time building reports and manually reconcile data from multiple systems. Streamlining those processes frees up time for more strategic activities like analyzing the portfolio, identifying issues and taking corrective action. By automating status reporting and variance analysis, organizations are able to centralize the administration of recurring status reporting processes, dynamically build performance dashboards and much more.

Easily Administer the Status Reporting Process

Easily create and open status reports across all inflight projects and notify project managers of the need to complete them. Quickly see which project managers have completed their reports and which are still outstanding. Automatically lock status reports at the end of each reporting period, and archive reports for trending analysis and easy editing.

Intuitively submit time and task updates

Easy-to-use time reporting capabilities help unify time and task status updates. Integrating time reporting and task status makes it easier for team members to provide PMs with the actual work and remaining work for each task. This enables PMs to more accurately gauge the impact on the project schedule before accepting the updates.

Sync with ERP Systems

Out-of-the-box data exchange module makes it quick and easy to import actual costs directly from ERP system for the current reporting period. PMs can then review and add accruals as needed.

Cost Forecasting & Variance Analysis

An intuitive interface provides powerful capabilities that enable the organization to maintain cost forecasts and compare with approved budget to derive variance metrics and reports. This makes it easy to identify which projects are forecasting overspend, underspend, and potential underspend, and make decisions to redirect, release and takeback money accordingly.

Manage Change Requests

Quickly raise change requests for approval to add or change to budget, scope or resources. Automated workflow manages requests for incremental changes to budget/baseline and manages governance with an auditable record of all approved, rejected, and pending change requests

Track Overall Health Indicators

Standardize and maintain performance indicators – including overall health, cost, resource, schedule, risk, and more – and capture red, yellow, green status and comments at the project, program and portfolio level. Easily identify poor performing investments, drill down to identify the root-causes and take corrective action.

Easily Generate Reports & Dashboards

Quickly gain enhanced visibility with out-of-the-box project-level status reports. Portfolio-level dashboards provide the insight needed to manage investments and make better-informed decisions.