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Lean Portfolio Management Solution

Improving alignment between strategy, funding and value delivery.

Agile is not just an effective approach to delivering work; it can, and should, be used at all levels of an organization and for everything from planning to benefits realization.  That’s where Lean Portfolio Management or LPM comes in, as a way to manage all those elements while integrating seamlessly into more traditional portfolio management methods.

UMT360’s Lean Portfolio Management solution

LPM is based on the philosophy of Lean management that aims to eliminate waste by focusing only on work that really matters – that all effort is achieving the highest possible value.  For LPM that’s making the largest possible contribution to organizational goals and objectives, and successfully delivering on strategy.  LPM enables the scaling of agile principles and practices from the execution layer of the business to all functions.  For more details, please see our comprehensive lean portfolio management guide.


Establishing strategic themes and outcomes

Our solution allows you to define your strategies, decompose those strategies into investments and assign goals, objectives and metrics.  The integrated roadmapping functionality then supports easy and intuitive communication to all stakeholders to ensure common understanding and alignment.

Funding, management & allocation by value stream

UMT360 supports the increasingly important value stream approach to delivering strategies with the financial planning and cost management aspects of 360 Portfolio Insights.  Top-down planning is supported by top-down budgeting, estimating and funding, while powerful cost management tools allow for monitoring of planned, forecast and actual spend to drive adjustments and re-allocation as needed.

Capturing and managing demand by value stream

360 Portfolio Insights allows you to capture demand from all sources, conduct lean business casing based on cost estimates and benefit forecasts and then prioritize work within and across value streams.  Our platform then allows you to seamlessly integrate demand driven adjustments to work with your roadmaps, ensuring work and plans remain synchronized.

Shifting to continuous and adaptive planning

UMT360 allows organizations to embrace continuous and adaptive planning.  Roadmaps are updated in response to emerging threats and opportunities and directly feed adjustments to goals, objectives, investments and work structures – across each of the tri-modal realities.  Performance variances during delivery, and in benefits realization, further inform the need to adjust and adapt and drive further changes, completing a continuous cycle managed seamlessly from 360 Portfolio Insights integrated with all enterprise data to ensure nothing is missed.

Optimizing resource management

In addition to powerful resource management tools within our solution, and the ability to integrate with leading HRIS systems for resource metadata, UMT360 also provides powerful modeling and what-if analysis capabilities to model the resource impacts of different portfolio scenarios, understand the impact on dependencies, and drive the best decisions to optimize resource utilization both now and in the future.

Supporting continuous delivery and reporting

UMT360 recognizes that you continue to deliver work using Agile, traditional and ad-hoc approaches, and that you need effective value-based reporting for all of that work.  We provide seamless integration with work delivery tools (e.g. Jira and Microsoft Azure Boards etc.) for all work methods, giving stakeholders real time insight into status of both delivery, and value realization against the financial and non-financial metrics defined during planning.

Managing outcomes and value realization

LPM empowers benefits realization capabilities at every step of the strategic process, and with 360 Portfolio Insight’s benefit realization capabilities that allow stakeholders to quickly visualize performance, determine where variances are occurring, model options to address and execute the portfolio adjustments seamlessly, organizations can realize their objectives and optimize value for every investment.

Implementing lean governance

UMT360 supports value stream level governance which we help integrate with funding at the same level and which helps support adaptive planning and the adjustments that flow from that.  Combined with standard performance measurement across all delivery structures and work methods, organizations have the control they need without creating barriers to delivery.

Strategic Portfolio Management Software

UMT360’s powerful strategic portfolio management software is built to help you leverage lean portfolio management.  360 Portfolio Insights gives you the ability to develop and communicate your strategies, approve and fund investments, deliver work in any of the tri-modal realities and ensure that optimal value is realized.  And it helps you evolve and adapt that environment continuously as the world changes.  And 360 Enterprise Connect helps you visualize and analyze your current and future value streams, enabling even better strategic performance and driving the evolution of your strategic roadmap.

This comprehensive combined platform, in conjunction with the powerful integrations with your data sources, gives you unprecedented enterprise capabilities.

  • Establish the right priorities, fund, govern and deliver optimally across all structures and approaches
  • Plan, adjust and intuitively communicate those strategies quickly and easily
  • Define metrics and measure performance to ensure strategies are driving the customer and business value you need
  • Manage performance in real time to ensure financial, resource and delivery performance are always where they need to be

UMT360’s Proven VIC Framework

UMT360’s VIC framework offers a proven approach to help organizations identify and activate the exact capabilities needed to help them more effectively drive business agility.  Whether you are already embracing SAFe or similar scaled agile models, or whether you are new to agile beyond functions, our experts can help.  By working with you to understand current capabilities, recommending best practices to help evolve your approaches, and developing a plan to optimize your business and tool environments, they can put you on a path to optimized value.

Unlike some models, the VIC framework recognizes that your business is unique to you – as are your needs for LPM and other strategic portfolio management elements.  We work with you to understand your needs, your barriers to success, and the approach that will work best for your organization.

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Select The Components That Are Right For You

360 Portfolio Insights

Specifically designed to deliver key capabilities for those focused on orchestration and delivery, helping them ensure that all initiatives, spend and resources are derived from – and continuously align with – strategic priorities.

360 Enterprise Connect

Ensures that those interested in developing a dynamic blueprint of the business have the capabilities they need to more effectively visualize and connect all the disparate silos and assets across the enterprise.