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Enterprise Architecture Solution

Powerful software provides the tools you need to align all business requirements and strategy. 

Business outcome-driven Enterprise Architecture extends traditional architecture practices to allow leaders to focus on activities and strategies that align to specific business requirements and strategies. 

UMT360’s Enterprise Architecture solution

UMT360’s powerful traditional Enterprise Architecture tools combined with leading Business Architecture capabilities allow relationships between these practice areas to focus strategies and initiatives around achieving common goals.

Manage all IT asset inventory and characteristics

This must include all assets regardless of where they reside, as well as the key characteristics of those assets. Enterprise Architecture spans multiple domains and artifact types including:

  • Business Architecture manages strategy and business oriented concepts such as Capabilities, Value Stream, Strategy Elements, Customer Journeys, Organization Maps, Stakeholders, Risks, Regulations and more.
  • Technical Architecture includes Technologies, Technical Capabilities and other artifacts used in widely adopted frameworks such as FEAF, TOGAF, BIAN, Zachman and others.
  • Application Architecture includes Applications, Versions, Instances, Application Lifecycles, etc.
  • Information Architecture includes Information Objects, Attributes, Entities, Databases, Datastores, Data Standards and more.
  • Solution Architecture leverages information from all domains to bring together concepts like Solution Building Blocks, Work Packages, Constraints, Specifications and other

Technical Reference Models

Technical Reference Models (TRM) one of the most foundational tools used to define an organizations Technology Platforms, Application Platforms, Applications and the interfaces between these layers.  Insight-EA supports easy generation of TRM’s along with powerful Heatmapping capabilities against Business, Information Architecture components.

  • Easily extend traditional architecture strategies to include important business centric concepts such as capabilities, value streams/processes, organizational units, risks, etc.
  • Roadmap all architectural artifacts extend across all disciplines and associated objects
  • Align IT Objectives with overall corporate strategy as strategic and tactical efforts unfold.

Analyze, assess and rationalize the technology portfolio

UMT360’s solution helps users reveal areas of excessive technical debt, outdated and obsolete applications, duplicated and overlapping assets, solutions that are no longer aligned with business needs, etc.  Powerful technology roadmapping tools automatically manage and update application status, pinpointing applications that are at end-of-life, require greater investment, need to be put on a path to replacement, etc.

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Select The Components That Are Right For You

360 Portfolio Insights

Specifically designed to deliver key capabilities for those focused on orchestration and delivery, helping them ensure that all initiatives, spend and resources are derived from – and continuously align with – strategic priorities.

360 Enterprise Connect

Ensures that those interested in developing a dynamic blueprint of the business have the capabilities they need to more effectively visualize and connect all the disparate silos and assets across the enterprise.