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Engineering & Construction Portfolio Management Solution

Powerful software enables you to align all construction projects with capital planning and your strategic priorities.

UMT360’s Engineering & Construction Portfolio Management solution delivers the lean portfolio management capabilities to help you manage and control engineering and construction projects in the broader context of your company.

UMT360’s Engineering & Construction Portfolio Management solution

UMT360’s solution for engineering and construction provides industry-recognized portfolio planning capabilities that help Owners and EPCs optimize their outcomes in complex project portfolios by providing owners and EPCs with portfolio-level governance, demand management, what-if analysis, budgeting, insights, and more.

By coupling UMT360 with your preferred construction project management software, like Procore, Owners and EPCs can tie all work performed from pre-construction through closeout directly to their capital planning and investment processes. UMT360 helps you elevate critical metadata, financial, and schedule information and disseminate key decisions and dependencies from your company’s capital planning governance process. This helps ensure transparency and communication across all parties involved and removes the chaos and uncertainty that could delay construction projects and set you back financially.

A Powerful Hub for Standardizing Business Cases

UMT360’s centralized hub helps Owners and EPCs move away from disparate sources for business case information like Excel, Word, and PowerPoint to better govern all capital demand. Project sponsors can capture time-phased financial estimates, forecast expected benefits, establish key milestones and dependencies between assets, initiatives, and projects and outline potential risks. Executives, stakeholders, and relevant parties can access real-time progress and scorecards as potential construction projects navigate a standardized governance process with flexible workflows and automated approvals. The company can prioritize demand based on the latest information.

What-if Capital Planning Analysis and Modeling

UMT360’s what-if analysis capabilities help to maintain alignment throughout the construction delivery window as projects shift and evolve through changing circumstances and expectations. From adjusting roadmaps and analyzing the implications; to what-if analysis and portfolio modeling to review options; to the decisioning and communication of change, everything can be done collaboratively, easily and quickly. Dependencies are clear, the work level adjustments are immediately evident, and the ability to monitor and confirm the results are accessible to all stakeholders.

Dynamically Maintained Construction Portfolio Roadmaps

UMT360’s powerful roadmapping capabilities makes it easy to create, share and automatically maintain roadmaps for your portfolio of construction projects in minutes. It allows you to determine your priorities quickly, and visually and communicate them to all stakeholders in an intuitive way.  Our strategic roadmapping tools show relationships and dependencies, and support the decomposition from strategies to assets, initiatives, and engineering and construction projects for delivery.  This allows teams to flag prerequisites for downstream activities as information flows seamlessly across our solution and your construction project management system.

Optimize Engineering & Construction Asset Portfolio

UMT360’s portfolio optimization capabilities are for Owners and EPCs looking to manage complex engineering and construction project portfolios by providing powerful visualizations of the project portfolio in minutes. The interactive optimizer enables companies to simulate different scenarios in real-time and explore dependencies and financial challenges with decision-makers. Proactively and regularly evaluating and optimizing the project portfolio will reduce downstream bottlenecks.

Capital Planning, Budgeting and Financial Reconciliation

UMT360’s financial management capabilities provide top-down views of all engineering and construction budgets, forecasts, and actuals to support both annual capital planning and dynamic/continuous planning. Owners and EPCs can establish hierarchically models to aggregate financial information from the construction project management system, like Procore, and compare/contrast at all levels. UMT360 is also capable of capturing actuals from ERP systems and reconciling with your construction project management system. Companies get real-time visibility into variances between overall budgets and actuals, snapshots to support monthly status reporting and quarterly forecasting, and multi-year financial roadmaps.

Integrates Directly With Leading Construction Work Management Software

UMT360’s adaptive work management connectors enable companies to leverage the best-of-breed construction project management systems, like Procore, to keep track of deadlines, constraints, contract requirements, bids, quality, and safety while enabling strategic portfolio management capabilities for capital planning of engineering and construction projects. Owners and EPCs no longer need to manually transfer data or lose it with UMT360’s ability to maintain bi-directional updates of critical information.

Quickly Integrate With UMT360’s Procore Connector

UMT360’s powerful software can be quickly and easily integrated with your Procore work management platform.  By integrating UMT360’s powerful capabilities into how you plan, fund and manage your work, your key people are freed up to focus on strategy execution.

UMT360’s Proven VIC Framework

UMT360’s VIC framework offers a proven approach to help Owners and EPCs identify and activate the exact capabilities needed to help them more effectively drive business agility.  Our experts can quickly assess what’s needed to help you incrementally establish the right foundation, then help you move from tactical execution to become more strategic.