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Digital Transformation Services

Helping you transform how your business operates through the effective and efficient leveraging of technology

Many organizations strive to deliver effective digital transformation, but few achieve this goal.  UMT360 can help you digitize the right business elements, convert that digitization into improved business performance, and help you build a cohesive, enterprise-wide digital transformation effort.

UMT360’s Digital Transformation solution

Digital transformation is the ability to transform how your business operates through the effective and efficient leveraging of technology.  It requires the ability to build and maintain alignment between technology and business functions and to connect current capabilities with future strategies and needs. UMT360 is uniquely positioned to support digital transformation through the inclusion of all of the following key capabilities in a single platform.

Business Capability Definition and Mapping

UMT360’s powerful business architecture capabilities allows you to define your business capabilities, associate relevant information, create a hierarchy of capabilities and visually map them using either a series of industry specific standards or your own custom approach.  We also provide you with the ability to model current and target state capabilities to help begin planning your transformation..

Application Inventory Management

With UMT360 you can build a comprehensive inventory of all your digital assets, helping identify redundancy, risk exposures, abandoned applications and so on. This is much more than simply a snapshot in time, also allowing for the ongoing, automated management of the inventory as the technology environment evolves. The information from your application inventory can integrate with your business capabilities, providing the first real picture of how your digital assets support the operations of the business, as well as which applications are critical to organization success.  This then provides the catalyst for the next step in the process.

Strategic Planning and Prioritization

Our solution takes the analysis of your business capabilities and application inventory and allows you to integrate it with your existing strategic plans.  You can easily collaborate to prioritize and ensure that all investments enable your digital transformation while remaining aligned with your organizational strategies.  You can easily tie goals and objectives to each priority to provide the full picture.

Roadmapping and Communication

The best strategic plan in the world is no good if no one knows about it.  With Digital Transformation solution, you can build intuitive, powerful roadmaps that show your plans and the relationships and dependencies between them.  These can be used to communicate strategic priorities to all stakeholders, ensuring a common, complete understanding of how your digital transformation goals will be achieved.

Funding, Resourcing and Financial Management

UMT360’s enterprise financial planning tools make it easy to fund at the investment level, eliminating the ineffective and inefficient project level funding approach that simply doesn’t work.  Investment owners are then free to allocate funds to the individual initiatives as they see fit.  In the same way, investment owners assign resources as necessary to the various work teams contributing to their investments. Tracking of financial actuals and updating forecasts, as well as management of resource capacity, utilization and allocations can all be done within our solution, regardless of the work management tool that is used by individual teams working across the tri-modal reality.  This allows the owners of your transformation investments to manage effectively without impacting the ability of teams to operate as they want.

Delivery and Execution

With UMT360 your teams can deliver across the tri-modal reality based on their preferences and needs.  And they can do that using whichever tool they prefer.  This is particularly important for digital transformation where most investments will combine technology elements that are likely to be delivered using Agile, with business elements that will leverage a variety of approaches.

Portfolio Modeling and What-If Analysis

Our powerful what-if analysis tools help you maintain alignment between your digital transformation needs and the work underway, even as circumstances and expectations evolve.  Roadmaps can be updated, dependencies assessed and alternatives reviewed to ensure the best decisions are taken to preserve the ability to transform.

Managing Outcomes

UMT360’s benefits realization software enable you to define your success metrics at the time of investment approval, along with the targets and measurement approach.  As work is delivered you can track all of your digital transformation progress in one place, seeing where you are on track, where adjustments are necessary, and how you are able to leverage the improvements for further transformations..

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Select The Components That Are Right For You

360 Portfolio Insights

Specifically designed to deliver key capabilities for those focused on orchestration and delivery, helping them ensure that all initiatives, spend and resources are derived from – and continuously align with – strategic priorities.

360 Enterprise Connect

Ensures that those interested in developing a dynamic blueprint of the business have the capabilities they need to more effectively visualize and connect all the disparate silos and assets across the enterprise.

Strategic Portfolio Management Software

UMT360’s powerful strategic portfolio management software combines powerful enterprise architecture and strategy execution management capabilities.  This provides a holistic solution supporting every element of digital transformation, from the initial definition of capabilities and building of an application inventory, through the delivery and benefits realization.  By integrating your understanding of your business with our platform you will be able to.

  • Improve technology and business understanding of your current state
  • Seamlessly convert your analyses into plans that can easily be adjusted and communicated
  • Fund and deliver work that actually supports a digital transformation
  • Leverage your digital business for competitive advantage

UMT360’s Proven VIC Framework

UMT360’s VIC framework offers a proven approach to help organizations identify and activate the exact capabilities needed to help them more effectively drive your transformation into a fully digital business.  Our experts can quickly assess what’s needed to help you build the right foundation, then help you execute.  And they can then support you as you optimize that digital business and deliver even greater strategic gains.