Connecting all Portfolios & Automating Roadmaps

Identify and more effectively manage cross-project and program dependencies

Connect portfolios & automate roadmaps to identify and manage cross-project and program dependencies

No form of execution exists in a vacuum. Projects and programs are funded to support improvements to business and IT assets and products. So they must be aligned with strategic decisions to drive growth and fuel a competitive advantage. Integrating all portfolios and getting a 360°view across all activities and spend is critical to effectively orchestrating business transformation.

Complete visibility is essential

This is one of the main purposes of strategic portfolio management: to give stakeholders the visibility they need to better understand interdependencies that exist between projects, programs and other enterprise portfolios to improve decision making. This is no easy task, especially when you consider that all of the different enterprise portfolios – projects, IT assets, capabilities, services, products, etc. – are often owned by different stakeholders and managed in different systems. This makes having complete visibility and transparency across your entire organization a challenge.

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Taking account of all dependencies

There are 3 critical dependencies that are foundational to strategic portfolio management:


Functional Dependencies: From an enterprise and architectural perspective it is important to understand the six degrees of separation between any investment and asset. E.g. a project that is part of a program which supports a strategy and capability; or a project that is funded to enhance an application which is automating a capability which is key to a strategic imperative.


Financial Dependencies: It’s crucial to understand how money and people flow based on these relationships. E.g. the cost of a program is based on a top-down allocated budget and aggregation of project spend; or the cost of a capability is derived from the projects, technology and people costs associated with the capability.


Time-based Dependencies: The ability to visualize and see the cause and effect across portfolios is key. Using automated roadmaps, an organization can quickly determine the impact a project delay will have on the business outcome for the capability it is supporting.

Integrating across the ecosystem

To do all this, you need a tool capable of integrating with systems of record for each portfolio (e.g. PPM, CMDB, CRM, ERP, etc.) and providing an easy way to abstract across and connect the portfolios. Armed with a 360° view across your business, it’s possible to control all investment decisions and automatically generate the strategic and technical roadmaps required to orchestrate all investments.

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