Gain Visibility

Establish a solid PPM foundation to gain visibility across all projects.

What could your organization do with a comprehensive view into all project and programs across all portfolios?

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UMT360’s proven methodology delivers the right combination of products and services for each step of your organization’s journey. It all starts with establishing the right foundation to provide you with the visibility you need to ensure success.

PPM Lifecycle
Portfolio Governance from UMT360

Portfolio Governance

PPM governance provides a best-practice framework and set of guidelines to effectively create, control, and deliver all types of work, enhance accountability, and optimally align spending strategy. Effective governance processes should be continuously refined based on empirical data and lessons learned to improve process velocity and time-to-market, while assuring the quality of the products, processes, or services delivered.

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Demand Management from UMT360

Demand Management

Demand for projects come from a variety of sources. This makes it difficult for PMOs to gain visibility and control of initiatives across the entire enterprise. Your organization needs to capture all requests in one central location and standardize the collection of data and metrics. With complete visibility across all requests and ongoing projects, you’ll enjoy improved decision making and help ensure the organization focuses only on the right initiatives.

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Portfolio Selection from UMT360

Portfolio Selection

Best-practice portfolio selection techniques help PMOs recommend which projects to undertake, as well as better forecast when those projects can be delivered. By adopting a structured process, your organization can enforce a rational approach to decision making. This ensures that projects are funded based on business priorities, as opposed to emotional appeals or arbitrary rules such as “first-come, first-served” basis.

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Resource Management from UMT360

Resource Management

Resources are arguably an organization’s most valuable asset. They are also potentially its biggest expense. Proper management and optimal use of resources is critical for any organization hoping to fully realize its business strategy. Intelligent resource management is essential to help your organization develop, retain and fully utilize a world-class workforce.

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Financial Management from UMT360

Financial Management

Manually cobbling together financial data from disconnected sources like Excel or an ERP system is a waste of time. That inefficient process can never provide the financial insight you need to effectively manage projects as business investments. By adding the business controls missing from your Microsoft PPM platform, you can ensure that critical business data flows directly into your PPM process, which means you can say goodbye to Excel and hello to the complete financial transparency.

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Schedule Management from UMT360

Schedule Management

Schedules provide project teams with a map for project execution and represent a baseline for tracking progress and managing change. A comprehensive scheduling system is flexible enough to readily adapt the needs of both occasional and professionally certified project managers. By adopting best-practice scheduling methodologies and tools, organizations can support all levels of project managers, control and analyze schedules and easily communicate schedule information.

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Status Reporting from UMT360

Status Reporting

Status reporting can be a logistical nightmare, forcing the PMO to waste time building reports and manually reconcile data from multiple systems. Streamlining those processes frees up time for more strategic activities like analyzing the portfolio, identifying issues and taking corrective action. By automating status reporting and variance analysis, organizations are able to centralize the administration of recurring status reporting processes, dynamically build performance dashboards and much more.

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BI & Dashboards from UMT360

BI & Dashboards

Strategic PMOs use business intelligence and dashboards to more effectively communicate results and outcomes and quickly identify issues requiring attention. Out-of-the-box reporting and quick-start kits can help your organization fully leverage Microsoft’s powerful BI capabilities, which enables virtually anyone to produce effective reports and dashboards with minimal effort and time.