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To truly become the CFO of your portfolios, you need the financial insight to treat every project like the strategic investments they are.

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UMT360’s proven methodology delivers the right combination of products and services for each step of your PMO’s journey. With a solid foundation established, the next step is to add the critical financial insight required to truly drive the strategic decisions that enable your PMO to deliver next-level value.

PPM Lifecycle
Strategic Planning from UMT360

Strategic Planning

Simply selecting the best from a bad list of possible project investments is a common problem for many organizations. Ad hoc project demand produces portfolios that are not aligned with strategy. And demand that is not objectively prioritized or unrelated to the business strategy only adds to the problem. By leveraging top-down strategic planning techniques, organizations can ensure higher-quality demand that better aligns execution with strategy.

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Program Management from UMT360

Program Management

Many organizations simply apply a reporting veneer on top of projects and consider that program management. But programs are investments in their own right, and need to be managed independently of the projects from which they’re comprised. True program management establishes top-down program-level workflows that are also seamlessly connected to the associated projects. This enables the organization to easily assess both top-down and bottom-up performance at any time.

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Roadmapping from UMT360


Automate strategic & technology roadmaps to better understand and identify improvements needed to execute on strategic priorities. Roadmaps enable organizations to clearly understand how everything comes together. A powerful tool to harmonize investment decisions across organizations and portfolios, roadmaps enable organizations to better understand and manage the relationships between all investments and the strategic capabilities they are intended to impact.

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Dynamic Reallocation from UMT360

Dynamic Reallocation

Too many organizations still practice “set-it-and-forget-it” annual planning, and have no process for dynamically adjusting their plans throughout the year. Using dynamic planning, organizations can proactively gauge the economic impact of investments and take action to reallocate funds. Project progress is monitored through timely updates, informed by stronger and more accurate forecasting. Automated project status and variance reports provide visibility into change requests across the portfolio. Portfolio level decisions are driven by the realities on the ground, enabling the quick approval of redirects and budget releases as well as incremental funding for new investments.

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Benefits Realization from UMT360

Benefits Realization

Too often, business cases are used only to secure funding for projects and programs. A robust benefits realization framework enables organizations to measure results, take the appropriate action and drive accountability and process improvement. By tracking benefits by project, program and strategy you can quickly identify investments that fail to meet revenue, cost reduction and cost avoidance targets. Robust benefits realization also helps the organization document lessons learned and identify opportunities to improve governance processes.

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Portfolio Metrics & Benchmarks from UMT360

Portfolio Metrics & Benchmarks

Traditional project-level KPIs alone simply can’t reflect the true value being delivered by your PPM process. Today’s organizations must unlock the valuable information locked up within the PPM process to clearly demonstrate the impact your project and program management function is having on your business. Data-driven organizations can maximize the business value of their project management capabilities by tapping into powerful metrics to derive key performance, governance and financial metrics and benchmarks to help evaluate investments and assess ROI.

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Line-of-Business Integration from UMT360

Integrated Ecosystems

Manually reconciling data between line-of-business systems and PPM is a waste of time. Automating the import and integrating the data from line-of-business systems like ERP, HR, CMDB, etc. helps you ensure that the planning and execution process has all the information required to drive informed decisions. For instance, actual costs from ERP systems can be quickly analyzed to help the project manager capture remaining costs, derive variance metrics and take corrective action to ensure execution remains aligned with strategy.

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