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End-to-end integrated solution to deliver on the promise of BCP

Business capability planning (BCP) is the idea that an organization’s planning, investments and delivery are geared around providing the business capabilities that will deliver strategic success. But implementing that concept can be a challenge, especially if you don’t have the right tools to both plan around business capabilities and deliver the required investments aligned with your strategy.

UMT360’s Business Capability Planning solution

Business capability planning is more than just a different way of looking at plans. It’s a fundamental shift in how organizations consider, plan and deliver on their strategies. It puts the ability to effectively and efficiently deliver critical business functionality at the heart of how the business operates. It provides a complete 360-degree view of the way that different elements of the business interact and integrate through the lens of the business capabilities that business deliver.

Defining & Analyzing Business Capabilities

UMT360 has powerful business architecture capabilities including the ability to quickly and easily visually map your current business capabilities, supported by a number of industry specific capability map standards to help you with the process. We also help you maintain your capabilities through the continuous evolution of your business, socializing capabilities with all stakeholders and understanding dependencies and relationships across those capabilities.

Business Capability Integration

UMT360’s integrated solution allows an organization to manage its end-to-end strategic capabilities. This is essential as strategy, organizational value streams, technology, people, processes, supply chains, etc., all form upstream and downstream dependencies for capabilities and represent how those capabilities are converted to value.

Business Capability Mapping & Modeling

Our capability mapping tools allow you to combine the capability inventory with user surveys to understand and score capability maturity. Creating business capability maps enables analysis of current state vs. target state and fueling the development of appropriate strategic objectives and measures that become inputs to strategic planning and investments decisions. This ensures that your strategic priorities are aligned with the need to enhance and grow business capabilities.

Strategic & Technical Roadmapping

The output of that analysis can be fed into our powerful roadmapping solution, providing a powerful way to visualize, collaborate on, and communicate the strategies that will develop and refine your business capabilities. You can then take the outputs of your previous analysis work and render them as investments – value streams, programs, products, projects, etc. We give you one location to assess demand, regardless of its source, ensuring that all proposed work aligns with business capability development and strategic priorities.

Detailed Investment Planning

UMT360’s enterprise financial planning tools help organizations develop and evaluate the business cases needed for these proposed roadmap investments. Formal business cases support more traditional work or stripped down, lighter analyses for lean portfolio management driven epics. In all cases, common necessary data points will be captured – costs, benefits, milestones, dependencies, resourcing, scoring, etc. to allow for the best possible decision making against the strategic roadmap.

Funding & Portfolio Analysis

UMT360 helps you achieve an effective strategic portfolio management approach to strategy that business capability planning contributes to. To support this, we enable investments to be prioritized directly from roadmap items, allowing for seamless integration between business capabilities and investments. Our solution also evolves with you as you transform to embrace strategic portfolio management. We support different funding models – project level or bulk funding at the investment level. And we provide powerful what-if analysis tools allowing detailed analyses of prioritization, optimization, resource capacity planning, fiscal planning, etc.

Effective Delivery & What-if Analysis

Our powerful what-if analysis tools enable you to structure and deliver work through any of the tri-modal realities. With integrations to whatever work management tools teams prefer, the consolidation of data from multiple sources into a single, value-based, automated status reporting approach, and support for continuous and adaptive planning, investment owners can ensure work is always optimally aligned with their needs. Additionally, dynamic portfolio analysis, allows easy and rapid analysis of options and impacts should the need to adjust course arise.

Benefit Realization & Measurement

UMT360’s benefits realization software tracks performance against strategy aligned with metrics can be measured easily and in a timely manner. You can understand the improvements being made to your business capabilities, you can manage progress intuitively, providing early indicators of areas where performance is deviating from the expected capabilities, and allowing for adjustments to be made quickly and accurately. Actual performance feeds the capability portfolio, updating current capabilities and resulting in adjustments to the capability roadmap that then fuels the next cycle of prioritization, investment and delivery.

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Select The Components That Are Right For You

360 Portfolio Insights

Specifically designed to deliver key capabilities for those focused on orchestration and delivery, helping them ensure that all initiatives, spend and resources are derived from – and continuously align with – strategic priorities.

360 Enterprise Connect

Ensures that those interested in developing a dynamic blueprint of the business have the capabilities they need to more effectively visualize and connect all the disparate silos and assets across the enterprise.

Strategic Portfolio Management Software

UMT360’s powerful strategic portfolio management software supports every element of business capability planning from the initial documenting of your current capabilities to the validation of your new capabilities, and everything in between. That frees up your employees to deliver and leverage those capabilities, optimizing value for your business.

  • Easily define and map business capabilities including the people, processes and applications that support those capabilities
  • Model new and improved capabilities
  • Plan, communicate and derive investments from intuitive roadmaps
  • Deliver work in any modality, and validate capability improvements.

UMT360’s Proven VIC Framework

UMT360’s VIC framework offers a proven approach to help organizations with every stage of business capability planning. Our experts can quickly assess what’s needed to help you develop or improve your business capability planning approach, then help you optimize the process of delivering those capabilities.