Addressing the Tri-Modal Reality

A top-down, 360° view of all work is critical to truly align all execution with strategy

A top-down, 360° view of all work is critical to truly align all execution with strategy

To effectively drive business transformation, organizations must adjust to the reality that a combination of execution methods are used by teams with different work styles. Whether it is executed via traditional, Agile or back-of-the-napkin approaches, the organization needs top-down governance and status reports across all work, while still empowering teams to work in their tool of choice.

Embracing the Tri-Modal Reality

There is no one-size-fits-all PPM methodology or tool. Even if one department totally embraces Agile, a wide variety of project and work management tools and techniques are still being used across the organization. Attempting to force the entire enterprise to adopt 100% Agile makes about as much sense as trying to force all groups to adopt a traditional PPM process.

You need a standardized approach across all work

Projects across the enterprise being executed using multiple tools and methodologies need to be integrated with PPM and other enterprise systems as much as possible to ensure that the organization has a top-down, 360° view of all work. Which means you need to standardize with the right top-down controls across all work that give everyone the insight they need without impacting the teams working in their tool of choice.

Better tools deliver more effective portfolio management

New tools are needed to deliver those missing portfolio management capabilities – seamlessly integrating standardization across whichever combination of execution tools teams decide to use. This provides Portfolio Managers with a more effective command center that enables them to manage all work – regardless of how it is executed – while providing the right governance, information and analysis the senior leadership requires. Best of all, the teams doing the work retain the flexibility and autonomy they need to execute in their methodology and tool of choice.