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Transformational Services

Working together to drive meaningful change.

Think of UMT360 as your strategic partner – with strong project and portfolio process expertise and a deep bench of consulting experience. Interested in transforming your PPM capabilities? We’re ready to start whenever you are.

UMT360 has established a proven approach to help you envision, plan, deploy and support the PPM capabilities your organization needs to attain its desired state of maturity. No matter what capabilities you’re looking to add, UMT360’s collaborative team of business and technology experts is ready to apply our proven approach to help you develop the capabilities needed to transform your business.

Start With An Assessment & Gap Analysis

It all starts by establishing where you are on your PPM capability journey. Using our proven Strategy Realization Management maturity model as a best practice framework, we will identify the pains you’re currently experiencing, pinpoint areas of improvement and recommend solutions to help you move forward. We’ll work with you to Gather relevant information on the current state of your PPM processes, tools and people, Evaluate and identify key areas where gaps exist between the current state and industry leading practices, Validate the future state solution to ensure it’s suitable for a variety of organizational situations, and Propose a Transformation Roadmap and detailed Implementation Plan.

Establish Baseline Metrics to Measure Success

What are your organization’s goals? Decreasing cost over-runs? Better budget utilization? Reduced failure rates? Using our precompiled KPI/Metrics library as a starting point in your Performance Measurements journey, UMT360 will follow a comprehensive and tested methodology for measuring the success of every phase of your deployment. By equipping your organization with the appropriate benchmarks and metrics you need to measure success at each stage of the roadmap, UMT360 provides PMO, IT, Business, and Finance Leaders with the performance information they need to make better decisions and demonstrate continual improvement in PPM Solution. Think of it as a report card for your PPM Solution deployment.

Seamless Hand-off to Operational Services

The quicker your PPM process can become self-sufficient, the sooner you can get back to the business of running your business. One of the key success factors involved in establishing a steady-state PPM Solution is to enable a support model to stabilize the future state processes is well planned and implemented. That’s why we provide the appropriate level of training to ensure that your team quickly masters its new capabilities. Our proven expertise will help ensure that your organization can quickly establish a robust Project Portfolio Management Support process that enables business value to be delivered consistently, along with a continuous improvement process to enable steady alignment with business initiatives.

Mapping Out Your Success

Maturing your organization’s ability to drive meaningful change requires a capability roadmap – a plan of how to get there that delivers quick wins while also systematically enhancing your organization’s capabilities for long-term success. A comprehensive assessment and roadmap details exactly where current-state Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) processes are to be re-engineered and mapped to industry-leading best practices. This customized roadmap is developed specifically to meet your organization’s unique needs, as a comprehensive guide to help you move from tactical PPM into strategy realization management – in a phased manner.

Taking an Agile Approach to Execution

The successful completion of the assessment and roadmap development stage produces a prioritized backlog of features, along with a plan of how and when they’ll be released. During the configuration and deployment stage, your new capabilities are rapidly deployed across the organization in 2 week sprints. We’ll blend onsite and virtual process design and implementation services to deliver rapid time-to-value with minimum impact on your team.