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VIC: UMT360’s Unique Approach That Helps Ensure Your Success

Discover how UMT360’s VIC Framework can help your organization become a more agile business

Business agility is synonymous with success

In today’s dynamic business environment, business agility is synonymous with success. Driving meaningful transformation requires an approach that transcends a project-driven mindset – one that derives and continuously aligns all of your investments and funding decisions (operational and discretionary) with your business objectives and strategy. That’s business agility.

VIC, a unique framework that’s key to business agility

To help ensure that every client achieves the level of business agility they desire, UMT360 has developed a unique framework that informs every solution we provide. We call it VIC – which stands for visibility, insight and connect – a proven approach that helps our clients drive business agility by ensuring they adopt the right processes and tools needed for success, exactly when they need them.

VIC enables you to choose any entry point, and adopt the specific capabilities you need in any order:

Establish the foundational Adaptive Project Management controls that disparate teams and functions across business and IT need to improve project execution across all styles of work. Whether your organization manages projects, epics or a combination of approaches, this is where operational excellence is established, with each team working in the style they choose, while providing complete visibility to all stakeholders.

Adopt strategy execution best practices using program- and product-driven investment approaches help you to derive all execution directly from the strategy. Evolve from annual to continuous planning models in order to maximize business outcomes. Develop a top-down approach that drives demand from strategy, and shifts the organization away from a bottom-up, project-based mindset to one focused on programs and products.

Leveraging Business & Enterprise Architecture best practices helps you build a dynamic blueprint of the operating fabric of your business – the connected enterprise. Integrating and analyzing business capabilities, value streams, digital assets and more, enables you to gauge your current state, and then establish the strategic and technical transformation roadmaps that allow the organization to reach the desired target state, aligned with strategic priorities

Delivering Proven Best Practices

VIC packages best practices for Strategy Execution Management, Business & Enterprise Architecture, and Adaptive Work Management, providing each client with a personalized capability improvement roadmap. We use that to help you navigate the challenges of moving from a project-driven to a capability-based investment approach, a key component to building your agile business.

It Takes A Village

None of this can be done by just one function or team. It ‘takes a village’ to build an agile business with effective collaboration across all key roles – transformation office, business leadership, functional PMOs, enterprise & business architects, and more. By managing all aspects as part of an integrated whole, VIC helps you establish a common portfolio model that provides each function with the data and perspective they need to optimize the performance of your business.

Not Just A Another Maturity Model

VIC is NOT a linear approach designed to move you from Visibility to Insight to Connect. Rather, the framework is designed to allow the different functions that make up your village to adopt and quickly gain traction on the specific capabilities they need, maturing those capabilities independently, or in parallel with each other based on their own needs and existing strengths.