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UMT360’s Proven Approach

More than just software, it’s our unique framework that helps ensure client success

Effective strategic portfolio management requires a commitment – to organizational change, to improved strategic planning and to aligning all areas of your business. That’s exactly what UMT360 delivers.

UMT360 is world-class provider of strategic portfolio management (SPM) software. But SPM success requires more than just software. You’ll need a roadmap to help you navigate the transition and a proven framework to ensure SPM success. One that can grow with you along the way. And that’s what we provide. We call it the VIC Framework, and it works. It’s a fundamental component of every SPM implementation.  But it doesn’t rely solely on our solutions, it’s available to you whether you buy our software or not.

What is VIC the Framework?

VIC stands for Visibility, Insight, Connect.  There are three stages of the framework, but it’s not a sequential model. You can start in any of the stages and proceed based on the needs of your organization and its current strengths and improvement opportunities.  Different areas of your business can even start with different stages depending on their function, capabilities and needs. 

This flexibility is critical, allowing your strategy realization office to focus on insight in parallel with your enterprise architect’s focus on connect. There’s a little more details on each of the stages.


Visibility is where adaptive project management (APM) lives.  These are the foundational controls for managing project investments that no organization can do without.  They span every area of your business and each of the tri-modal realities of work delivery and focuses on ensuring that each of the project execution elements are as effective as possible – from intake and prioritization through execution, reporting and closeout. 

In the visibility phase we focus solely on project delivery.  Aligned with the Gartner® definition of APM, we help ensure you have the right processes and tools in place to deliver a project centric, bottom-up delivery model.  It’s an essential part of your portfolio delivery, but it is only a part.


With insight you are able to begin to transform your strategic approach to embrace SPM.  This starts with a structured, top-down portfolio hierarchy that derives execution directly from strategy. This allows you to evolve from the radiational bottom-up, project-driven planning approach, to a program- and product-based planning approach, in which all prioritization, funding, governance and work delivery is driven from the top-down.  This model works regardless of how you choose to deliver work – through products and epics or programs and projects.

Insight also adds effective financial management and ongoing outcome management – treating every commitment you make as the business investments they are.  This helps continuously optimize decision making, aligning between priorities, delivery and outcomes across all work structures, even as the world is constantly evolving.


Achieving true business agility requires that organizations break down organizational silos.  With a connected map of every element of your business – every department, every function, every asset and every capability, a holistic view of your entire enterprise emerges across multiple dimensions.

The ability to connect your enterprise is the basis of everything. Without a complete and accurate blueprint, you’ll struggle to consistently connect strategic objectives with tactical demands and you’ll be guessing how best to invest for the optimum performance of the entire enterprise.

Effective business architecture capabilities, such as those offered as part of our Connect stage, allow you to visualize and analyze your business across multiple dimensions.  This gives you understanding of your value streams, insight to the impact of investment decisions and the ability to optimize strategies and priorities for the long-term good of your organization.

Choose where to start, and how deep to go

The beauty of our VIC framework is that it can be applied to address one specific area, or rolled out over time to deliver a comprehensive strategic portfolio management solution. We can help you identify those capabilities that need strengthening, and plan for those improvements to happen.  Which could mean improving your foundational APM capabilities, strengthening your business architecture approach, accelerating the transition to a top-down planning approach, or even managing your technology assets.

At the pinnacle of the VIC framework is where we house the best practices for each of the capabilities you want to address across each stage.  For example, portfolio management is a key level three capability that represents the pinnacle of execution management of your strategic initiatives.

UMT360 consultants use the level three best practices to recommend the right capability improvements for your organization over time – as you evolve and strengthen your capabilities.