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UMT360’s Proven Approach

Learn how our vast experience helps you orchestrate business transformation

The right PPM services & solutions delivering project, program & portfolio business planning & controls at every step of your PPM journey.

UMT360’s proven approach delivers the exact capabilities you need to more effectively orchestrate business transformation. With decades of experience, our experts can quickly assess what’s needed to help you incrementally establish the right foundation, then map out a path to help you move from tactical execution to become more strategic. With the right capabilities, in place, you can ensure that all execution is connected with strategy and that no investment exists in a vacuum.

From visibility, to insight, to moving beyond traditional PPM

Establishing a solid PPM foundation is essential in order to gain visibility across all projects. Our proven approach helps you incrementally build the capabilities you need for success. With the proper foundation established, you can treat projects like the business investments they are, and begin to garner the financial and strategic insight to make better and faster decisions. No initiative or investment exists in a vacuum. By connecting all project, program, capabilities, technology, and product portfolios, you can have a dynamic blueprint of your entire business, helping you more effectively align all execution with strategy.

Start with an assessment to help map out your success

UMT360’s consultants are PPM experts and Microsoft specialists. Our proven approach begins with our experts assessing your current capabilities, identifying potential gaps and then providing recommendations for next steps. With a clear understanding of where you are and where you’d like to go – and informed by a deep understanding of what’s required to ensure your success – our experts will provide a detailed roadmap to help you activate the specific capabilities you need to enable you to truly begin to orchestrate business transformation.

Best practices and the right technology

Armed with this roadmap, and leveraging a proven framework developed from years of experience with hundreds of client successes, UMT360 packages proven best practices with the right tools and technology matched to each specific step in your journey. This helps ensure that every solution we provide is tailored for your organization’s unique requirements.

Not just another linear maturity model

No two companies’ road to PPM maturity is ever the same. So it doesn’t make sense to make you go through a rigid set of pre-determined steps that don’t apply to your specific situation. UMT360’s approach focuses on your organization’s unique needs, and is specifically designed to let you incrementally develop only the capabilities that are essential in helping you achieve the end-state that you desire. You choose what you need and when you need it, and we work to ensure you get exactly that, with no wasted effort or meaningless steps.