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Microsoft Azure Boards Consulting

A more agile approach to work management

Microsoft’s Agile work management solution, Azure DevOps with Azure Boards provides rich agile capabilities including native support for Scrum and Kanban, customizable dashboards, and integrated reporting. With Azure Boards, all work items are updated accordingly as work progresses, allowing everyone who works on the project to have a complete picture of where things are at.

Are you ready to adopt Azure Boards?

Organizations adopt the agile principles of Azure Boards in order to build better products, faster, for greater customer satisfaction. UMT360 can help you assess your organization’s culture, along with the processes and tools required to successfully implement Azure DevOps & Azure Boards. By identifying what’s needed to help you improve collaboration and productivity, we can provide a roadmap to help you create the environment for your high-performing teams to develop a culture of continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Get started on your Agile journey

Adopting a new way of managing work within a large organization can be extremely challenging. The key is to start small and learn from others. In most organizations, there are early adopters who yield positive results, and other teams usually follow. For many clients that have assessed their capabilities and decided to adopt a more agile way of working, a proof-of-value is a logical next step. UMT360 can help you in establishing this first critical foothold, and ensure that the success you experience can be replicated and rolled-out to the larger organization, backed by a foundation of best practices and proven process.

Portfolio management helps you manage all work

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to work management. The reality is that a variety of approaches – from traditional waterfall to Agile and back-of-the-napkin – are used in various combinations across most enterprises. But without portfolio management, it’s difficult to harmonize all work across the organization. We can help you develop both the top-down and bottom-up portfolio management controls required to ensure that all stakeholders have complete visibility, without impacting any team’s favored execution style.