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Managed PPM Services & Support

Support long-term success

The onsite and virtual services you need to manage your processes and maintain peak effectiveness.

Managing your PPM platform and processes can be taxing on your organization. UMT360’s professional services includes expertise and staffing that can be deployed as needed to manage processes and ensure that all of your PPM capabilities are delivering maximum value – letting you focus on running your organization.

Outsource your PMO & PPM processes

Let UMT360 manage the core process of your PMO, so your team can focus on the more strategic aspects of managing your enterprise investments. Leveraging best-practices and years of experience, our experts can help ensure that all your PPM processes run smoothly and efficiently.

On-Demand Consulting

The last thing you need is another consultant. But sometimes, getting a fresh perspective informed by decades of experience can make all the difference between status quo and transformation. We’re a trusted partner for some of the largest organizations in the world. Chances are, if you have a vexing problem, we have a solution. And because we’re easy-to-work-with and focused on getting you quick wins, rest assured that tapping into our expertise won’t tap out your budget.

Microsoft/UMT360 Help Desk & Support

Running a PPM platform and responding to the needs of its users is vital work. But it isn’t necessarily to best use of your team’s time and resources. Why not let us handle all of the administration of your PPM platform? We’ll ensure that all Microsoft and UMT360 PPM capabilities are running effectively by supporting all your users with responsive help desk resources, freeing up your team to help make everyone more productive.

UMT360 Hypercare Services

No matter what sort transformational capabilities or enhancements an organization adds, it’s critical to have the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing that those capabilities are fully supported. For UMT360, hypercare means being there for our clients to ensure that any work we’ve done continues to deliver superior value. From seamless hand-off, to training to ongoing support, our primary objective is client satisfaction, before, during and after implementation.

Staff Augmentation

Today’s business demands are fluid and unpredictable. Against this backdrop, it’s difficult to appropriately staff initiatives with the highly qualified individuals you may need at a moment’s notice. UMT360’s professional services includes staffing that can be deployed to your organization – virtually or on-site – for a specific project or a timeframe of your choosing, based on your specific needs. We’ll help you quickly fill those gaps so that you can continue focusing on running your organization.