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Project Management Office (PMO)

The domain PMO is aligned with a specific business area and is key to the organization’s ability to deliver on its strategic investments. 

This is the first line of governance and leadership in an organization.  They have direct relationships with the teams delivering the work that supports strategy and act as both an early warning system for the organization and a communications hub for those teams. 

Domain PMO Role Summary

Often overlooked, the domain PMO is the function closest to the frontline of work execution and must be given the tools and focus needed to succeed.  To be effective they must have total visibility across all work regardless of how it is being delivered (traditional, agile or ad-hoc). There are several imperatives within strategic portfolio management or SPM that they must master:

Understanding the PMO’s evolving role

They must also help their teams hone their approaches, and how those approaches are used, to ensure a consistent flow of value is delivered to the business.  Whether it’s agile, waterfall or ad-hoc approaches, teams must continuously deliver solutions that enable strategic success and domain PMOs are the guides who help those teams achieve that.

Going beyond just tactical execution

Domain PMOs must also maintain oversight of the money being spent on work, whether that’s measured in financial or effort terms.  Value is only delivered if the benefits are achieved for an acceptable level of cost and as the management function closest to the work it is the domain PMOs’ collective and individual responsibility to report any anomalies as soon as they arise.

The hub of all reporting

Finally, they must ensure that all status reporting is optimized to ensure accurate and complete information is provided to stakeholders in a timely manner.  Status reporting must be automated and streamlined while still providing the context required to ensure it is information, not just data.  This is a critical input to investment decisions and the domain PMO is the hub of all reporting for their area of accountability.

A balance of execution and strategy

The primary relationship domain PMOs have is with the strategy realization office (SRO), EPMO or similar function that is responsible for delivering on strategy.  They will also work closely with the line of business executive for their business area to ensure resource management is effective and efficient.