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Informative whitepapers and guides to help you more effectively drive business agility.

Organizations who rely on UMT360 gain the transparency and insight needed to improve decision making, rationalize operational costs, fuel innovation and maximize ROI.

Definitive Guide to Strategic Portfolio Management: Key to Business Agility

Download this eBook to learn about the two major obstacles to achieving true business agility, and how each can be overcome by using a roadmap to successfully implement Strategic Portfolio Management.

Unlocking Business Agility: Leveraging the Power of Strategy Execution

Download this eBook to learn about the 12 key imperatives every organization must address, and discover how they impact the capabilities you’ll need to execute while also delivering strategically across all investments.

8 Steps To Effective Lean Portfolio Management

Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) is used at all levels of an organization, and for everything from planning to benefits realization. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to manage all those elements while integrating seamlessly into more traditional portfolio management methods.

9 Elements of Effective New Product Development

New Product Development (NPD) is a structured approach to product planning that spans ideation through commercialization and lifecycle management. This guide explores why it’s critical to constantly innovate and ruthlessly abandon yesterday’s new concept before it becomes tomorrow’s outdated solution.

Using Enterprise Architecture To Drive Outcomes

Agile businesses use enterprise architecture (EA) to help them conceive, communicate and connect every element of their business. This guide explores what constitutes EA, how it’s achieved, and where might things go wrong – focusing on the key characteristics and components that will help drive business agility.

A Framework For Achieving Business Agility

Business Agility is critical to your success. But contrary to popular belief, it can’t simply be achieved with the right piece of software. That’s why we’ve produced a guide to walk you through some of the key concepts you’ll want to get a handle on what business agility really means.

Mastering Benefits Realization (Outcome Management)

Outcome management is critical to the success of projects, products, portfolios and entire enterprises. It’s also a key component of strategic portfolio management that organizations of all shapes and sizes continue to struggle with.

How To Optimize Resource Capacity Planning

They’re arguably your organization’s most valuable asset. But managing resources effectively is still a thorn in the side for many organizations. To achieve the best possible outcomes with those resources, organizations need both better processes and better tools.

The 9 Secrets to Strategy Execution

If you can’t execute on your strategic plans, then you’ll never realize the value that you were anticipating from the investments you’re making. Strategy execution management is an entire process designed to help you do just that

How An EPMO Can Help You Drive Business Performance

Why you may want to elevate your project management practice from one that is a tactically focused, constraint-driven entity to one that can truly enable business performance.

The 5 Key Elements Of Effective Business Architecture

This guide explores key questions you may have about business architecture, including what it is , why should you care about it, and how does it benefit your organization?

Program Management: How to Drive Strategic Alignment

Read this guide to understand what program management is, how it differs from project management and how it relates to project portfolio management.

A Roadmap’s Critical Role In Strategic Portfolio Management

This guide explains how this critical component of strategic portfolio management can be a powerful strategic planning tool to help you visualize, adjust and communicate your plans.

Explore The Value Of What-If Scenario Analysis Capabilities

Scenario planning or what-if analysis is a critical aspect of strategic portfolio management that helps organizations adapt and adjust effectively to shifting circumstances.

Effective Approaches to Enterprise Strategic Planning

Read this guide to better understand what it takes to ensure you select the right investments to match strategic priorities, and what you need to adjust and adapt to changing circumstances.

Drive Business Agility by Moving from a Project to Product Mindset

Adopting a product perspective is a crucial step toward becoming a digital organization. The key is harnessing the right tools and processes that contribute to business agility.

Redefining Portfolio Management in the Age of Agility

Top-down strategic planning is critical to ensure that every initiative is aligned with strategy. The key is to shift the focus back to that second P in PPM – portfolio management.

The Missing Link Preventing You From Orchestrating Business Transformation

Critical gaps prevent most PMOs from responding to today’s mandate for business transformation. These key imperatives must be addressed to master strategic portfolio management.

6 Common Myths About Microsoft Project Online & Project Server

This Whitepaper tackles some of the most common myths about Microsoft Project Online and Project Server, and provides explanations about their genesis along with clear evidence that debunks each one.Top-down strategic planning is critical to ensure that every initiative is aligned with strategy. The key is to shift the focus back to that second P in PPM – portfolio management.

PMO Best Practices Are No Longer Good Enough

This UMT360 Whitepaper looks at how integrating investment planning and controls across the portfolio and how using a dynamic reallocation process can demonstrate the value of the PMO.