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UMT360 Webinars

Strategic portfolio management insights from UMT360 experts and clients.

Organizations who rely on UMT360 gain the transparency and insight needed to improve decision making, rationalize operational costs, fuel innovation and maximize ROI.

Identifying & Treating The 12 Symptoms Of Acute Project Executionitis

Watch this webinar recording now to learn about the 12 key business imperatives that continue to plague most organizations.

Establishing Transformation Office Is Key To Driving Business Agility.

Watch this webinar to learn how a transformation office, armed with the right strategic portfolio management processes and tools, can help you truly drive business agility.

6 Steps To Mastering Application Portfolio Rationalization.

Watch this webinar to discover how Application Portfolio Rationalization impacts your specific role, and learn what’s needed from you to ensure success.

Why Every PMO Needs To Embrace Business Architecture.

Business agility drives business performance. This webinar explains how creating a comprehensive blueprint of your entire enterprise can help you identify and break down all the silos that are holding you back.

Do You Have What It Takes To Become CFO Of Your Portfolios?

View our latest webinar recording to learn how deploying the right financial governance controls can help turn your PMO into the CFO of your portfolios.

The 4 Steps to Mastering OKRs, Benefits Realization, & Outcome Management

View this Webinar to learn how easy it is to track results when all execution is derived from business strategy.

Business Case, Schmiznus Case – Just Give Me The Money!

View this Webinar to learn how a right-sized business case can help connect all execution with strategy.

Stop Stumbling With JIRA And Regain Your Agility

View this Webinar to learn how adding the lean portfolio management to JIRA can drive business agility.

PPM Is Dead. Long Live Strategic Portfolio Management!

Webinar explores why Gartner thinks strategic portfolio management capabilities are key to driving digital transformation.

Microsoft Project + Power Apps = One Comprehensive PPM Solution

See how UMT360’s powerful Quickstart combines Power Apps with Project for the Web to quickly deliver a wide variety of PPM capabilities.

Add Resource & Capacity Planning To Any PPM Or Work Management Tool

Learn how this UMT360 Accelerator helps you standardize and consolidate all aspects of resource & capacity planning.

Portfolio Management In An Age of Uncertainty

Webinar showcases tools to conduct what-if scenarios and react quickly to any disruption.

Create & Share Beautiful Roadmaps in Minutes!

Learn how easy it can be to create, share and automatically maintain beautiful roadmaps in minutes.

Supercharge Microsoft Work Management

Gain visibility and control across all the projects in Microsoft Project Online, Project for the Web and Azure Boards.

Integrating Portfolio Management With Azure Boards

Avoid any unexpected pitfalls and effectively institute governance after adopting Lean and Agile work management practices using Microsoft’s Azure DevOps with Azure Boards.

Improving Agile Team Performance with Azure Boards

Discover the rich Agile capabilities that Azure Boards delivers, including support for Scrum, Kanban, dashboards, and more.

Client Roundtable: Snapshots From The PPM Journey

Hear success stories from a panel of your peers, highlighting the keys to mastering portfolio management. This roundtable discussion features PPM leaders from The College Board, Marquette University and Southern California Edison.

Making The Shift From Projects To Products

To stay relevant, PMOs need more nimble approaches to effectively drive business transformation. That’s why so many are replacing traditional project management with principles of product management.

The Missing Link To Help You Accelerate Business Transformation

What’s preventing your PMO from becoming more strategic? Portfolio Management could be the key to helping your PMO become a more effective and value-orientated function.

Migrating To Project Online – Hear What Success Looks Like

In this webinar, our clients discuss their experiences moving PPM to the cloud. If you’re thinking of making the move, or still struggling to make it work, discover what your peers learned moving from on-premises to Project Online.

How A Strategy Realization Office Can Help Orchestrate Business Transformation

Learn how a new strategic-focused entity called the Strategy Realization Office (SRO) is challenging the very nature of how organizations manage all project and program investments

Model The Impact Of Any Change To Your Project Portfolios

UMT360’s powerful new Portfolio Management App makes it easy to access and abstract the exact information you need across all of your project and program data.

Can PMOs Be Too Agile To Orchestrate Business Transformation?

Explore the capability gaps afflicting many of today’s PMOs, and the key imperatives you’ll need to address in order to effectively respond to this mandate for business transformation.

More Effective Resource Management with Microsoft PPM

Watch this webinar recording to learn how UMT360’s Resource Manager App seamlessly integrates a web-based Resource Plan to help bridge the resource management capabilities gap in Project Online and Project Server.

Integrate Project & Program Cost Data Directly Into Microsoft Project Online

Discover how UMT360’s Cost Manager App can help you more effectively manage cost data across the project and program lifecycle.

Seamlessly Build Comprehensive Business Cases with Microsoft Project Online

Effectively govern and evaluate competing initiatives with UMT360’s Demand Manager app, adding powerful demand management capabilities directly into your Microsoft PPM platform.

Seamlessly Connect JIRA with Microsoft Project Online

UMT360’s JIRA Connector App can help you connect traditional Microsoft PPM processes with JIRA to maintain governance and a top-down view over everything, while enabling agile teams to continue using JIRA to manage their work.

More Effective Roadmap Management with Microsoft PPM

UMT360’s Roadmap Manager App can help you go beyond traditional capabilities that require precious time and resources to manually build the roadmaps you need within Microsoft Project Online and Project Server.

More Effective Program Management with Microsoft PPM

Watch this webinar recording now to learn how UMT360’s Program Manager App can help you seamlessly establish the top-down controls you need to effectively manage programs within Microsoft Project Online and Project Server.

Annual Planning – Didn’t we just do this last year?

In this on-demand webinar, UMT360’s Ben Chamberlain talks about how to help your organization break free of the constraints of traditional annual planning.

Supercharge Microsoft Project With Powerful New Capabilities

Fast-paced demo shows how UMT360 apps seamlessly add enhanced PPM capabilities and controls directly into the Microsoft Project Online or Project Server user experience – all without time-consuming development or risky and expensive customizations.

Harmonize Traditional And Agile Project Execution With Top-Down Planning

Combinations of traditional Waterfall, Agile and lightweight project execution techniques and tools are now the norm. Organizations looking to drive business transformation must find a way to manage this wide variety of methodologies – for users of all levels – across the enterprise.

What Every PMO Needs To Know About Microsoft Project Online

Many organizations currently using an on-premises Microsoft PPM solution have lots of questions about moving to Microsoft’s cloud-based PPM offering, Project Online. Considering making a move? Learn more about Microsoft’s cloud-based PPM solution.

Up-Level Your PMO in 2017

A comprehensive assessment of your PMO’s capabilities is a crucial first step to set you up for success in 2017 and beyond. In this webinar archive, Ben Chamberlain from UMT360 walks through a powerful framework to do just that.

The Secret To Becoming CFO Of Your Portfolios

In this webinar, ConEdison’s customer Frank LaRocca shows how the powerful combination of Microsoft’s PPM platform & UMT360 helps PMOs impact business transformation by ensuring the right projects are selected, funded and executed through dynamic reallocation.

Is This The Year PMOs Finally Address Benefits Realization?

In this webinar archive, UMT360’s Ben Chamberlain explores how robust benefits realization capabilities can be key to gaining the insight needed to more effectively drive accountability and process improvement.

How To Master Resource Management With Microsoft Project Online

In this webinar, UMT360’s Rudi van den Berg provides a comprehensive overview and informative demonstration of Microsoft Project Online and how its powerful resource management capabilities can help optimize resource utilization.

Better Portfolios Selection Starts With Microsoft’s PPM Platform

In this webinar archive UMT360’s Ben Chamberlain explains how to take a rational approach to portfolio selection, and how to harness the powerful portfolio management techniques already present within Microsoft Project Online/Server.

Dispelling The Myths About Microsoft Project

UMT360’s Ben Chamberlain reviews the 6 common myths associated with Microsoft Project that could be keeping companies from realizing the true value of their PPM investment, and how these perceived weaknesses are actually major strengths of the Microsoft PPM platform.

How The Strategic-Minded PMO Drives Transformation

UMT360’s Ben Chamberlain discusses how PMOs can become more effective through digital transformation and strong PPM discipline, outlining the 4 key trends that all executives, PMOs, and project managers must be aware of to ensure an organization’s success in digital transformation.

Learn Why PMOs Are Moving Beyond Annual Planning, with Frank LaRocca from Con Edison

Frank LaRocca, Director of Financial Governance at Consolidated Edison, shows how he leverages the critical business planning controls UMT360 adds to Microsoft Project Server to provide complete financial transparency across a $2bn capital portfolio.

It’s Time To Get Serious About Portfolio Metrics & Benchmarks

How can you unlock valuable PPM data and generate the metrics you need to clearly demonstrate the impact your PMO is having? View this webinar archive to learn how data-driven PMOs are maximizing business value by tapping into powerful metrics.

PMOs manage projects. Strategic PMOs manage investments.

UMT360’s Ben Chamberlain explains why projects and programs should be treated as strategic investments, and how to address this shift in enterprise portfolio management.

5 Steps to Building an Effective APM Solution on SharePoint

UMT360’s Ben Chamberlain discusses 5 critical steps to building an effective Application Portfolio Management solution on Microsoft SharePoint.

How To Choose A Plan That Aligns Investment Decisions With Strategy

UMT360’s Ben Chamberlain compares project-based and capabilities-based investment approaches, and tells you which one unleashes the maximum project value.