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Demand Management Software

Demand Manager Accelerator makes it easy to capture innovative ideas from anywhere and standardize demand

UMT360 helps bring order to the chaos of demand management, enabling you to generate standardized business cases that align demand with strategy and help ensure that you’re not simply choosing the best from a bad list of ideas.

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UMT360 Demand Management Accelerator Key Features

UMT360’s Demand Management Accelerator makes it easy to bring order to the chaos of demand management, and easily generate standardized business cases that align all demand with strategy.

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Triage Ideation & Innovation

Capture disruptive and innovative ideas from anywhere within the organization to help ensure that the next great idea doesn’t fall through the cracks.

  • Capture ideas directly in UMT360 or import from other sources
  • Align ideas with key strategic objectives, products, services and more
  • Capture the appropriate level of detail at each stage of your intake process
  • Summarize, segment and access ideas using configurable views
  • Visualize, classify and keep track of ideas using intuitive Roadmaps and Boards
  • Promote ideas to a formal business case
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Generate Standardized Business Cases

Move away from disparate sources of business case information like Excel, Word and Powerpoint to better govern and standardize all demand and improve decision making.

  • Standardize governance and automate approvals using flexible workflows
  • Use basic or advanced scorecards to help prioritize demand
  • Capture time-phased cost estimates
  • Forecast expected benefits
  • Manage key milestones and dependencies between entities
  • Look ahead by capturing potential risks and issues associated with your demand
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More Effective Prioritization & Decision Making

Powerful capabilities enable organizations to more effectively gain visibility across all projected benefits/outcomes. Quickly and easily establish benefit targets for each portfolio and run analysis to optimize payback timelines.

  • Easily prioritize requests using a variety of dimensions, such as strategic value, risk, probability of success, architectural fit and more
  • Visualize key milestones and enforce dependencies when making decisions on your demand
  • Create and compare a variety of plans and what-if scenarios without impacting your underlying data:
    • Effectively model capital planning scenarios by establishing and visualizing top-down budget constraints
    • Maximize benefits and conduct target analysis
    • Optimize portfolio payback timelines
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Roadmaps help you model the impact of all demand

Powerful and interactive roadmaps help you model the effect of any portfolio change and quickly sort through all demand.

  • Create, share and automatically maintain beautiful roadmaps in minutes
  • Choose from Portfolio Timelines or Boards roadmap templates
  • Intuitively filter out data to focus only on the information relevant to the task at-hand
  • View all demand in a time-phased view to gain a clearer understanding into the relationships and dependencies between all requests
  • Classify, change status and more with a simple drag-and-drop in configurable Board views

See UMT360 Demand Management Accelerator In Action!

Bring order to all the chaos of demand management

Any initiative without a business case is simply execution disconnected from your strategy. This interactive demo will reveal how easy it can be to standardize all demand and quickly develop the business cases you need to help ensure all investments are aligned with your strategy.

Get the demand management capabilities you need, quickly and easily

UMT360’s Accelerators are designed to be implemented quickly with minimal consulting or configuration. This demo gives you a chance to see how these powerful capabilities can help you ensure that you’re not simply choosing the best from a bad list of ideas.

What you’ll see during this Demand Management Accelerator Demo:

  • Capturing demand from anywhere ensures innovative ideas don’t fall through the cracks
  • Standardize intake to consolidate all demand and improve decision making
  • Establish benefit targets for each portfolio and run analysis to optimize payback timelines

Book an Interactive Demo

Learn Why Strategic Portfolio Management is Critical to Enterprise Success

Any enterprise looking to drive growth and fuel a competitive advantage must first connect and align all execution with strategy. UMT360’s solution provides all the portfolio planning capabilities needed to establish both the top-down business planning and bottom-up controls required to integrate all portfolios and improve project execution to accelerate business transformation.

Get the project portfolio management capabilities you need, quickly and easily

Every UMT360 Strategy Execution Accelerator is designed to be implemented quickly with a minimum amount of consulting or configuration. Leveraging best practices garnered from years of successful client engagements, these powerful Accelerators provide precisely the capabilities you need, without weeks or months of configuration.

Roadmapping & Release Management

Roadmaps are powerful tools to help ensure that all investment decisions are clearly understood across the organization. By visualizing and communicating key dependencies enterprise-wide, roadmaps serve to help harmonize decisions and track progress across all investments.

Resource Management & Capacity Planning

Resources must now be managed across agile, waterfall or even non-project-orientated work systems. Gaining visibility across all resources – and optimizing utilization and capacity planning – is a critical challenge for any organization hoping to fully realize its business strategy.

Strategic Portfolio Analysis

Generating what-if scenarios and modeling potential outcomes based on ad-hoc questions used to require teams to stay late and manually crunch numbers. But what if you had the tools to respond to any possible question about any portfolio with just a few clicks?

Demand & Innovation Management

You never know where project requests might come from. But one thing is clear, to do more than simply choose the best from a bad list of ideas, you’ll need a robust demand management solution to provide enhanced visibility across all work

Strategic Planning & Outcome Management

UMT360’s strategic portfolio management solution provides a centralized hub that makes it easy to break down strategy, define its components, map it to the associated execution and communicate it to all relevant stakeholders across the enterprise. Quickly derive all execution directly from the strategy, and generate work that is perfectly aligned with strategy.

Cost Management

Business agility requires that all investment be continuously aligned with business strategy. That’s why UMT360 helps organizations elevate cost data to the same level of importance as schedule and resource data, enabling PMOs to deploy the right financial governance controls needed to become CFO of portfolios.

Quick and easy integration with a variety of project management tools

Get up and running quickly and integrate roadmaps with both traditional PPM project management and Agile work management tools.

  • Get started quickly by importing projects, epics and more, along with associated data from Excel
  • Utilize out-of-the-box connectors to easily sync projects and milestones from Microsoft Project, Jira, Azure Boards and other platforms
  • Powerful connectors provide real-time integration with project execution tools to ensure your roadmaps are always up-to-date

Part of UMT360’s comprehensive strategic portfolio management platform

Need a specific Portfolio Management Accelerator right now? Let’s get started! Each one delivers powerful stand-alone capabilities that you can have up and running in just a few days. And since they all complement each other, it’s easy to add additional capabilities – in any order you’d like – whenever you’re ready. Best of all, each is part of UMT360’s comprehensive Strategic Portfolio Management Platform. Which means that with every Accelerator you add, you’re that much closer to having all the capabilities you need to align all investments with strategy and ultimately accelerate digital transformation.