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Strategic Portfolio Management Accelerators

UMT360 Accelerators help you quickly add the key capabilities you need right now!

UMT360’s Strategic Portfolio Management Accelerators are discrete, targeted solutions that address common challenges that EPMOs, portfolio managers, product managers and others all face. Packaged with the same best practices – based on years of client engagement success – found in our enterprise offerings, these capabilities can be switched on in days, not weeks or months.

Create Strategic Roadmaps Quickly & Easily

This Strategy Accelerator adds the powerful roadmapping capabilities you need to create, maintain and share beautiful Roadmaps and Boards in minutes.

Resource Management & Capacity Planning

Add this Strategy Accelerator to quickly and easily master resource management and capacity planning to maximize resource utilization.

What-If Scenario Analysis

Generating what-if scenarios and modeling potential outcomes based on ad-hoc questions used to require teams to stay late and manually crunch numbers. But what if you had the tools to respond to any possible question about any portfolio with just a few clicks?

Capture innovative ideas and standardize demand

Bring order to the chaos of demand management, and easily generate standardized business cases that align all demand with strategy

Benefits Realization & Outcome Management

UMT360’s strategic portfolio management solution provides a centralized hub that makes it easy to break down strategy, define its components, map it to the associated execution and communicate it to all relevant stakeholders across the enterprise. Quickly derive all execution directly from the strategy, and generate work that is perfectly aligned with strategy.

Streamline Cost Management & Capital Planning

This Strategy Accelerator makes it easy to deploy the right financial governance controls to help elevate cost data to the same level of importance as schedule and resource data.