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360 Portfolio Insights

Powerful portfolio management capabilities that help maximize business performance.

Delivering the strategic planning, investment governance and portfolio execution controls that most organizations are missing and need to effectively orchestrate all investments to maximize business performance.

Ensure all initiatives, spend and resources are derived from – and continuously align with – strategic priorities.

360 Portfolio Insights delivers capabilities specifically designed to deliver key capabilities for those focused on orchestration and delivery, helping them ensure that all initiatives, spend and resources are derived from – and continuously align with – strategic priorities.

360 Portfolio Insights Key Features

Standardize Demand & Innovation Management

Powerful demand management tools help bring order to the chaos of PPM. Quickly and easily generate standardized business cases that align demand with strategy and help ensure that you’re not simply choosing the best from a bad list of ideas.

Dynamically Manage Financials

The financial planning and performance of projects and programs is a blind spot for most organizations. Powerful enterprise investment management software helps you manage the financial performance of all work across the portfolio.

Resource Capacity Planning

Resource planning tools help you identify capability gaps by enabling you to standardize, consolidate and manage all aspects of resource and capacity planning, even for organizations needing to manage a portfolio of resources across a variety of project management and execution methodologies and tools.

Benefits & Outcome Management

Interactive benefit realization tools help you track objectives across the lifetime of all initiatives to gain a clearer understanding of progress and gauge the probability of success. Portfolio-level roadmaps enable anyone to see initiatives grouped by the strategy that they impact, and powerful dashboards deliver valuable insight into all relevant data for every stakeholder.

Roadmapping & Release Management

Roadmapping tools help you visualize and communicate the performance of both your near-term and multi-year strategic plans with beautiful, interactive roadmaps. UMT360 makes it easy for executives, portfolio managers, E/PMOs, product managers, or anyone in-between to quickly and easily create and maintain roadmaps.

Dynamic analysis/what-if scenario modeling

Conduct what-if scenarios – in just a fraction of the time – to show the impact of any proposed change to your project and program portfolios across costs, resources, benefits, value, timeline and more. Quickly and easily respond to any possible question about your portfolio, proactively triage today’s problems or even model and predict possible future problems.

Adaptive program management

Create and manage investment entities independent of – but completely integrated with – the underlying execution, to provide a natural bridge between strategy and the execution. This is essential to govern across multiple execution methodologies, and enables the organization to orchestrate across all entities within the portfolio and visualize the interdependencies of all initiatives.

Track performance at any level

It’s critical that the performance of all strategic initiatives are measured at every level. UMT360 enables the organization to establish and track the progress of strategic objectives with performance management tools that track progress across the portfolio.


UMT360 enables organizations to build a flexible, scalable portfolio model and apply the right level of governance across the portfolio. This helps the organization apply both the top-down and bottom-up controls to ensure that all strategic initiatives are aligned with strategic objectives.

Integrated Ecosystem

UMT360 portfolio management solutions tightly integrate with a wide variety of work management ERP, and other critical systems within your enterprise. From the execution solutions used by project managers to the decision making tools used by executive teams, UMT360 ensures that data between portfolios and key line-of-business processes and systems of record are seamlessly integrated.

Looking to build a holistic view of your enterprise across a wide variety of dimensions?

360 Enterprise Connect – as part of UMT360’s strategic portfolio management solution – helps you break down organizational silos by generating a dynamic blueprint of your business. When used in conjunction with 360 Portfolio Insights, organizations can continuously connect, align and orchestrate all investments with strategies to more effectively drive business performance.

Get Started with the Industry’s Best Strategic Portfolio Management Platform

Recent developments highlight the need to focus on both traditional execution – what Gartner, calls adaptive project management – while also introducing the powerful capabilities you may be missing. UMT360’s software delivers those capabilities to more effectively manage all project portfolios and help you achieve strategic objectives.

Capabilities specifically designed for these stakeholders

To truly optimize performance, every individual, role and department must be focused on achieving the same goals, about how those goals are to be achieved, and how each individual contributes to those goals. It truly takes a village to succeed, and a portfolio management solution that helps all teams make informed decisions.


UMT360 can help domain PMOs gain total visibility across all work regardless of how it is being delivered.


Key capabilities enable the SRO to provide what-if analysis, to improve the speed and quality of decision making.


However it’s executed, CIOs need an integrated picture of all work – projects, programs, products and capabilities.


SPM is critical to the CFO’s ability to address a variety of strategic imperatives.

LOB Executive

Line of business (LOB) executives need solutions to help ensure that investments contribute to business success.


Portfolio analysis enables HR to optimize resources, support strategy and model impacts of all decisions.


The SPO ensures that all planning across the organization is integrated and aligned with strategic priorities.

Portfolio Manager

The Portfolio Manager ensures that organizational strategy is delivered effectively by managing dependencies across the enterprise.

Product Manager

Product Managers can operate from a position of strength when they’re able to align their products with the organization’s strategy.

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Learn Why Strategic Portfolio Management is Critical to Enterprise Success

Any enterprise looking to drive growth and fuel a competitive advantage must first connect and align all execution with strategy. UMT360’s solution provides all the portfolio planning capabilities needed to establish both the top-down business planning and bottom-up controls required to integrate all portfolios and improve project execution to accelerate business transformation.