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UMT360 Strategic Portfolio Management Software for Microsoft PPM

Augmenting Microsoft’s productivity tools with powerful strategy execution capabilities.

UMT360 integrates tightly with Microsoft’s productivity tools, enhancing them with the powerful strategic portfolio management capabilities you need to align execution with strategy. UMT360 can help you seamlessly integrate the exact capabilities you need with Project Online, Project for the Web and Azure Boards to help you establish the top-down project portfolio controls needed to accelerate business transformation.

Top Down or Bottom Up – Strategic Portfolio Management for All Work Styles

Managing projects and work has been the traditional domain of execution-oriented professionals, and is by its very nature bottom-up. But regardless of the tools and techniques used, a variety of stakeholders need the top-down controls to ensure all work is align with strategy, and that’s where UMT360 Strategic Portfolio Management comes in.

Get Started with UMT360 Accelerators for Microsoft

UMT360’s Strategic Portfolio Management Accelerators are discrete, targeted solutions that address the critical capabilities you need to align execution with strategy. Packaged with the same best practices – based on years of client engagement success – found in our comprehensive enterprise offering, these specific capabilities can be switched on in days, not weeks or months.


Roadmaps are powerful tools to help ensure that all investment decisions are clearly understood across the organization. By visualizing and communicating key dependencies enterprise-wide, roadmaps serve to help harmonize decisions and track progress across all investments.

Resource Planning

Resources must now be managed across agile, waterfall or even non-project-orientated work systems. Gaining visibility across all resources – and optimizing utilization and capacity planning – is a critical challenge for any organization hoping to fully realize its business strategy.

Portfolio Analysis

Generating what-if scenarios and modeling potential outcomes based on ad-hoc questions used to require teams to stay late and manually crunch numbers. But what if you had the tools to respond to any possible question about any portfolio with just a few clicks?

Demand Management

You never know where project requests might come from. But one thing is clear, to do more than simply choose the best from a bad list of ideas, you’ll need a robust demand management solution to provide enhanced visibility across all work.

Seamlessly Integrate Portfolio Management with Microsoft Work Management Tools

Whether you use Microsoft Project, Azure Boards or some combination of tools, UMT360 can quickly and easily integrate the critical portfolio management capabilities your enterprise needs. UMT360’s project portfolio management software enables project managers and executives alike to augment their project management solution with powerful strategic portfolio management features like resource management, roadmapping and portfolio analysis.

Microsoft Project + Project Apps

Project + Apps provides simple, powerful PPM and work management capabilities to meet most needs and roles. And UMT360 is here to help you make it do more with a solution that provides the missing project portfolio management capabilities you’ll need to gain visibility and harmonize across all work. Whether it’s more robust financial management, capacity planning, roadmapping or demand management, UMT360’s solution seamlessly integrates with all your Microsoft work management tools to help you go beyond just managing work, and more effectively orchestrate transformation across the enterprise.

Microsoft Project Online

If you’re using Project Online and are focused only on project execution, you’re ignoring the second P in PPM – portfolio management. UMT360’s Strategic Portfolio Management software ensures that your organization has both the top-down and bottom-up capabilities you’ll need to go beyond just project management by introducing the portfolio management processes and capabilities to help you truly orchestrate all transformation across the enterprise.

Microsoft Planner

Planner is just one of many tools an organization might use to manage work. For those that need visibility across all work, along with more robust financial, capacity planning, roadmapping and more, our robust strategic portfolio management solution seamlessly integrates with and harmonizes information from all your Microsoft work management tools – providing the missing project portfolio management capabilities that most organizations lack.

Azure Dev Ops + Azure Boards

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to work management. The reality is that a variety of approaches – from traditional waterfall to Agile and back-of-the-napkin – are all used in various combinations across most enterprises. From simple task management to the strategic business capabilities that drive better decisions making, there are a myriad of capabilities that must work in concert to harmonize all work across the organization. Strategic portfolio management is what helps bring it all together.

Pre-Built Connectors & Tools for Microsoft PPM

No matter which Microsoft work management tools you use, UMT360 offers a wide range of capabilities to ensure tight integration between the execution layer and strategic portfolio management. Our pre-built connectors package years of expertise integrating across the Microsoft technology stack, ensuring clean integration that leverages all of the advantages inherent in your enterprise’s Microsoft platform investment.