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UMT360 Roadmap Manager App for Microsoft

Create and share beautiful roadmaps in minutes with Roadmap Manager App for Microsoft Project

Roadmaps are essential for visualizing and communicating the performance of both your near-term and multi-year strategic plans. And now there’s purpose-built App for Microsoft Project Online/Server that lets executives, portfolio managers, E/PMOs, product managers, or anyone in-between quickly and easily create and maintain roadmaps.

Create dynamically maintained roadmaps with just few clicks

UMT360’s powerful Roadmap Manager makes it easy to create, share and automatically maintain beautiful roadmaps in minutes leveraging information from Microsoft’s PPM dataset.

  • Wizard-guided configuration makes implementation a breeze
  • Choose from Portfolio Timelines or Boards roadmap templates
  • Automatically pre-populate your roadmaps or manually build them yourself
  • Set roadmaps to be shared or private
  • Share roadmaps as pdf files or as print-outs

Visualize roadmaps in a portfolio timeline

View all work in a time-phased view to gain a clearer understanding into the relationships and dependencies between all investments.

  • Track time-phased initiatives using timeline roadmaps
  • Overlay milestones and visualize inter-dependencies
  • Timelines update automatically as new information is added or changed
  • Align execution efforts with portfolio-level key events with just a few clicks
  • Group, sort and filter information using any fields from your records

All teams can now enjoy boards views

Whether your team executes using Microsoft’s PPM platform, Agile or a combination of approaches, it’s easy to visualize all your work using a boards view that is dynamic and configurable.

  • Plan and track all work on one screen
  • See backlog, scheduled or in-progress work
  • Change status or categories with a simple drag-and-drop
  • Quickly drill-down to the entity record for detailed information
  • Create and view Boards from any data in the system, including projects-by-workflow, projects-by-health and more.

Powerful tools to manage and visualize all dependencies

Gain a clearer understanding into the “six degrees of separation” between all investments

  • Establish and keep track of key milestones and deliverables
  • Manage and visualize project, program and portfolio inter-dependencies
  • Quickly identify at-risk milestones and dependencies
  • Visualize and share key events within the roadmap

Master Milestone Planning & Dependency Tracking

Now it’s easy to track key milestones and manage dependencies from directly within the Microsoft Project interface across all project, programs, etc.

  • Flexibly enter milestones manually or flag and automatically sync key milestones from the Microsoft PPM schedule
  • Intuitive Portfolio Dependencies web-part makes it easy to capture the dependencies between projects, programs and other enterprise portfolios.
  • Easily capture dependencies between milestones at any level in the portfolio hierarchy (e.g. Project to Project, Project to Program, Program to program etc.)
  • Include milestone and dependency information in powerful snapshots

Quick and easy integration with Microsoft’s PPM platform

Designed specifically to plug-and-play with Project Online/Server, the app is easy to get up and running quickly.

Auto-sync with the Microsoft Project schedule to quickly and easily import data you need
Easily maintain dependencies from right within the Project record
4-step wizard will have you building timelines, boards and roadmaps directly from MSFT data in minutes

Enhance your Microsoft platform with the capabilities you need

Every UMT360 App for Microsoft is designed to be implemented quickly with a minimum amount of consulting or configuration. Leveraging best practices garnered from years of successful client engagements, these powerful Apps add the precise capabilities you need, right on top of your current Microsoft investment, without weeks or months of configuration.

All part of a comprehensive strategy execution platform

Need a specific App right now? Let’s get started! Each one adds powerful capabilities to your Microsoft PPM platform that you can have up and running in just a few days. And since they all complement each other, it’s easy to add additional capabilities – in any order you’d like – whenever you’re ready. Best of all, each is part of UMT360’s comprehensive Strategy Execution Platform. Which means that with every App you add, you’re that much closer to having all the capabilities you need to align all investments with strategy and ultimately accelerate digital transformation.