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UMT360 Program Manager App for Microsoft

Program Manager App delivers information needed to master program planning and execution

Programs should be managed as investment entities in their own right. UMT360’s Program Manager App helps you establish the top-down controls you need to do more than just apply a reporting veneer on top of projects. Seamlessly integrate a variety of powerful program management features, so you can truly master program planning and execution.

Transition to a program-driven approach

Establish the top-down program-level controls to manage programs as independent investment entities in their own right to more effectively generate execution from strategy.

  • Enables organizations to more effectively leverage strategy to derive all programs and their associated projects.
  • Enhanced support for multi-year planning.
  • Use programs as a hub to centralize management of a wide variety of work styles, including waterfall and agile execution methodologies.
  • Adopt dynamic planning approaches that reallocate funds at program level.

Right size governance controls

By standardizing governance controls at the entity level across the enterprise, UMT360 Program Manager enables the organization to apply the right controls to programs and projects.

  • Standardize the definition of programs across the enterprise.
  • Capture program-level meta-data and metrics.
  • Establish the right rigor of governance at both the program and project level.

Create program business cases

Standardize the development of business cases to help the organization more effectively evaluate and allocate funds. Capture all the information required to make funding decisions, and standardize initiation at the program level.

  • Capture descriptive program meta-data through powerful custom fields.
  • Capture top-down program-level business case information including cost and benefit assessments, resource estimates, risk assessments and strategic impact assessments.
  • Easily capture program-level resource demand in top-down UMT360 resource plans.
  • Define business-outcome milestones that drive programs aligned with business strategy.

Top-down budgeting and financial performance

Harmonize top-down and bottom-up budgeting and track financial performance. Unify budgeting and tracking with powerful features that gain a complete picture of program financial performance from both a top-down and bottom-up perspective.

  • Capture, approve, and allocate program-level budgets.
  • Establish and lock top-down budgets at varying levels in the portfolio hierarchy (e.g. portfolio, department, program and project etc.).
  • More effectively manage allocations and charge-backs.
  • Automatically aggregate project level financials and compare and contrast with budgets at the program level.
  • Streamline financial status reporting and reconciliation to easily generate variance metrics that compare budget actuals to forecasts.
  • Track performance and reallocate funds across programs.

Manage program-level resources

UMT360 Program Manager makes it easy to estimate, track and forecast resources at the program level, regardless of whether those resources are integrated with the Microsoft PPM schedule or completely disconnected.

  • Capture resource demand (e.g. generics and named) in web-based resource plans.
  • Easily build team and identify resources with availability to work on your programs and projects.
  • Easily manage resource forecasts throughout the program and project lifecycle.
  • Manage resources in top down resource plans or automatically sync with the underlying project or program schedule.
  • Bulk edit resource plans without having to open each individual program and project.
  • Compare and contrast program level and project level resource plans.

Generate program roadmaps

UMT360’s Program Manager App includes powerful schedule management and roadmapping capabilities to help organizations better manage cross-project and program dependencies and automate intuitive roadmaps with a wide variety of features. Gain a clearer understanding into the “six degrees of separation” between all investments.

  • Establish, plan and track business-outcome milestones at the program level, and see status of each milestone through variance metrics.
  • Simplify the capture and aggregation of project and cross-program dependencies, and capture dependencies between milestones at any level in the portfolio hierarchy (e.g. Project to Project, Project to Program, Program to program etc.).
  • Easily generate a variety of entity-level roadmaps to gauge the cross portfolio impact for each investment.
  • Visualize and track key milestone dependencies in powerful portfolio roadmaps.

Program-level benefits realization

Gain the insight needed to gauge program performance, recognize success and identify areas for improvement across the program lifecycle

  • Define and standardize hierarchical benefit structures across all program.
  • Easily capture benefit estimates for programs, and aggregate benefits from associated project.
  • Continually re-forecast benefits throughout an initiative’s life-cycle.
  • Track benefits at varying levels in the portfolio hierarchy, and compare actual benefits realized against estimates and derive variance reports and metric.

Reports & Dashboards

UMT360 makes it easy to include program-level data in reports and dashboards built using Microsoft Business Intelligence tools (e.g. Excel Services, SQL Reporting Services Power BI etc.) along with a variety of third-party BI solutions, including Tableau, Qlik and more.