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UMT360 JIRA Connector App for Microsoft

JIRA Connector App harmonizes all work across Microsoft PPM and JIRA

UMT360’s JIRA Connector App seamlessly integrates critical information from the JIRA environment with the Microsoft PPM platform. Which means Agile teams can continue using JIRA to manage their work, while the PMO and business stakeholders can maintain a top-down view over everything, with the insight needed to make better decisions.

Project-level integration

UMT360 enables project-level integration to synchronize the creation, update and deletion of projects from one system into the other. Simply choose which platform projects will originate from, and the information on those projects will automatically sync. Projects that originate in JIRA will be automatically assigned to the Enterprise Project Type in Project Online or Project Server that was assigned during the setup process.

Schedule & Resource Integration

At the schedule level, tasks from Project Online or Project Server and Issues from JIRA are automatically synchronized. This schedule-level integration can be either bi-directional or uni-directional, making it easy for an administrator to decide whether or not updates made to tasks and resources in Project Online will be synchronized as Issues in JIRA, and vice versa. This ensures synchronization between:

  • Work related information from the task level and work related Issue fields.
  • Resources assigned in Project Online/Server and resources in JIRA.
  • Work Log entries from JIRA Issues and Timesheets from Project Online/Server.

Field mappings

UMT360 makes it easy to map fields from one system to the other to ensure that accurate data is always available within each system. Any number of field-mappings can be created between the JIRA issue fields and the Project Online or Project Server task fields. These settings can be saved and modified on-the-fly, providing maximum flexibility.

On-demand synchronization and schedule-level integration

The organization can decide how it prefers synchronization between Project Online or Project Server and JIRA to take place. Synchronization can happen automatically based on events, it can happen on a predefined schedule, or it can be triggered by the user on-demand. Users can activate on-demand synchronization from within the Microsoft platform by simply selecting “Update information on-demand”.