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UMT360 Demand Manager App for Microsoft

Demand Manager App enables you to build comprehensive business cases to evaluate demand

Adding powerful demand management capabilities to Microsoft PPM enables your organization to more effectively govern and evaluate competing initiatives. UMT360’s Demand Manager App makes it easy to assess a wide variety of dimensions – including Strategic Impact, Risk, Complexity and more – to help you more effectively prioritize competing demand.

Workflow visualization

Powerful workflow visualization helps you easily see where you are in the governance process and provides insight into what is coming up next

  • Utilize out-of-the-box templates to build your own workflow visualization or upload custom workflow visualizations to be displayed at each stage in the governance process.
  • Highlight current stage to pinpoint where you are in the governance process.
  • Click on each stage to see an overview of the required activities.
  • Fully integrated with the Microsoft PPM workflow engine.

Intelligent Fields

Microsoft Project Server 2013 and 2016 users can add conditional logic and validation rules to project details forms to ensure the right custom fields are displayed at the right time.

  • Display specific custom fields based on values users select in other fields.
  • Automatically populate the value in a field based on the selection of another field.
  • Make fields required based on the selection a user makes in another field.
  • Filter available values in a lookup table based on the selection in another custom field.
  • Set a default value for one or more fields based on the values selected in other fields.

Simplify Resource Estimates

Easily capture resource demand in top-down UMT360 resource plans

  • Utilize UMT360 resource plans to easily estimate resource demand by role or named resource in varying granularities (e.g. yearly, quarterly and monthly) and units (e.g. FTE, days and hours).
  • Add multiple assignments for the same resources in the UMT360 resource plans to support phase-level planning and isolate capitalized and non-capitalized work.
  • Capture resource demand at varying levels in the portfolio hierarchy (e.g. portfolio, program, project etc.).
  • Automatically commit resources to projects at key governance gates.
  • Support for rolling wave resource planning.

Cost Estimates

Powerful cost estimate capabilities make it easy to capture cost estimates for projects and programs in UMT360 budget cost web-parts.

  • Manually enter cost estimates for labor and non-labor costs into UMT360 cost web-parts or sync from the Microsoft PPM schedule.
  • Enforce the right level of cost detail at each stage in the governance process (e.g. by year and at level two in the cost structure).
  • Support for rolling wave planning and forecasting.
  • Easily breakdown cost estimate by allocation center to gauge funding contributions.
  • Lock cost estimates on approval.

Benefit Estimates

UMT360 makes it easy to capture benefit estimates for projects and programs.

  • Define benefits timeline to start during or after project completion.
  • Manually enter benefit estimates by levels defined in the UMT360 benefit estimate web-parts.
  • Enforce the right level of benefit detail at each stage in the governance process (e.g. by year and at level two in the benefit structure.
  • Derive financial metrics (e.g. NPV, ROI).
  • Lock cost benefit estimates on project approval.

Powerful Scoring Assessments

  • Easily define and integrate quantitative scoring assessment to evaluate competing requests (e.g. strategic impact, risk, probability of success, architectural fit etc.).
  • The scoring assessments are fully integrated with Microsoft PPM governance controls.
  • Choose to show or hide the score within the UMT360 assessment form.
  • Include UMT360 assessment scores in Microsoft PPM Portfolio Analysis.
  • Assessment scores can be included in UMT360 Snapshots to support trending analysis.

Project Roadmaps

Easily generate entity-level roadmaps for each project request.

  • UMT360 entity-level roadmaps provide an easy way to gauge the cross-portfolio impact for each investment (i.e. project or program).
  • Easily visualize and track key milestone dependencies between related projects and other enterprise portfolios.
  • Click on each entity in the roadmap to display summary information or drill down to the entity to learn more.
  • Record decisions and visualize on the Roadmap.

Powerful Snapshots

UMT360 Snapshots makes it easy to keep an auditable record of business case data at key gates.

  • Snapshots for project requests can be automatically triggered at any stage in the governance workflow.
  • Snapshots can be used to understand how estimates and metrics change between funding gates.
  • Easily report on all business case data included in UMT360 Snapshots.

Reports & Dashboards

UMT360 makes it easy to include business case data in reports and dashboards built using Microsoft Business Intelligence tools (e.g. Excel Services, SQL Reporting Services Power BI etc.) along with a variety of third-party BI solutions, including Tableau, Qlik and more.