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UMT360 Benefits Manager App for Microsoft

Benefits Manager App provides a robust benefits realization framework

UMT360’s Benefits Manager App provides your organization with a robust benefits realization framework. This powerful app makes it easy to gain the insight you need to gauge performance, recognize success and identify areas for improvement across the project and program lifecycle.

Governance Controls

Easily establish the governance controls needed to make benefit data a first class citizen alongside resource and schedule data within your Microsoft PPM platform.

  • Define and standardize hierarchical benefit structures across all projects and programs.
  • Standardize financial dimensions (e.g. budget, actuals and forecasts) to track benefit performance across the PPM lifecycle.
  • Easily integrate benefit (e.g. benefit time and detail granularities, automatic snapshots etc.) at each stage in the governance workflow.
  • Establish benefit templates and associate with Microsoft PPM Enterprise Project Types (EPTs).

Top down budgeting

  • Establish and lock top down benefit targets at varying levels in the portfolio hierarchy (e.g. portfolio, department, program and project etc.).
  • Automatically aggregate project benefits and compare and contrast with budgets at varying levels in the portfolio hierarchy.

Benefit Estimates

Simply capture benefit estimates for projects and programs

  • Define benefits timeline to start during or after project completion.
  • Manually enter benefit estimates by levels defined in UMT360 benefit estimate web-parts.
  • Enforce the right level of benefit detail at each stage in the governance process (e.g. by year and at level two in the benefit structure.
  • Derive financial metrics (e.g. NPV, ROI).
  • Lock cost benefit estimates on project approval.

Benefit Forecasting

For most organizations, benefits are only captured during the business case phase to secure approval and funding for an initiative. UMT360’s benefit forecasting feature enables organizations to continually re-forecast benefits throughout an initiative’s life-cycle, making it easy to:

  • Compare initial benefits with original estimates to support ongoing investment decisions.
  • Administer allocation groups and active and inactive allocation centers.
  • Leverage benefit forecasts to more effectively optimize value across your portfolio.

Benefits Realization & Tracking

This powerful feature makes it easy for organizations to establish a process that tracks benefits at varying levels in the portfolio hierarchy.

  • Simply administer (e.g. open, lock and archive) the benefit status reporting process across in-flight and completed initiatives (e.g. projects and programs).
  • Establish benefit tracking granularity (e.g. monthly, quarterly or yearly).
  • Easily enter or automatically import actual benefits from UMT360 cost actuals web-part (import feature requires UMT360 Data Exchange App).
  • Compare actual benefits against estimates and derive variance reports and metrics.
  • Chose to track benefits at any level in the portfolio hierarchy (e.g. project, program or portfolio).
  • Submit and archive yearly and quarterly financial status reports to support trending analysis.


Powerful UMT360 Snapshots feature makes it easy to keep auditable records of budget, actual and forecast benefits, enabling you to:

  • Automatically trigger a Snapshot to be taken for a project or program at any stage in the governance workflow.
  • Take Snapshots across the portfolio at any time (e.g. to support monthly status reporting or quarterly forecasting).
  • Easily report on benefit data included in UMT360 Snapshots.

Manage Change Requests

UMT360 makes it easy to manage incremental funding requests and releases, helping your organization:

  • Establish change request templates to govern changes to approved benefit estimates.
  • Easily raise change requests and route for approval.
  • See all requests for each project and program in a Change Request log.
  • On approval, automatically update a projects and programs approved benefit estimates and track changes.

Reports & Dashboards

UMT360 makes it easy to include benefit data in reports and dashboards built using Microsoft Business Intelligence tools (e.g. Excel Services, SQL Reporting Services Power BI etc.) along with a variety of third-party BI solutions, including Tableau, Qlik and more.