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360 Enterprise Connect

Powerful business and enterprise architecture capabilities are key components of a complete strategic portfolio management solution.

Delivering the capabilities needed to generate a dynamic blueprint of your business to help you more effectively visualize and connect all the disparate silos and assets across the enterprise.

The tools you need to build a holistic view of your enterprise across a wide variety of dimensions.

360 Enterprise Connect – as part of UMT360’s strategic portfolio management solution – helps you break down organizational silos by generating a dynamic blueprint of your business. When used in conjunction with 360 Portfolio Insights, organizations can continuously connect, align and orchestrate all investments with strategies to more effectively drive business performance.

360 Enterprise Connect Key Features

Configurable, Scalable Repository

All of 360 Enterprise Connect’s data is stored in an advanced repository. The meta model that governs this repository is configurable for each Client, resulting in an extremely powerful and flexible foundation that tailors 360 Enterprise Connect to each Client’s individual needs.  All Objects and Connections can be configured (including the types of connections, custom Objects and Properties, etc.) The flexibility of our repository design allows us to accommodate all sizes of Client datasets with ease, 360 Enterprise Connect scales from single-user tightly focused datasets right up to datasets with millions of Objects, Connections and Properties that are used to support some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations.

Powerful and Flexible content ingestion

As well as consistent and user-friendly entry screens, there are many other ways to get data into 360 Enterprise Connect. Every Object Type has an easy-to-use template for bulk imports (even Custom Object Types), and data can also be ingested via our comprehensive RestFUL API. Objects, Connections and Properties can all also be crowd-sourced using our built-in Survey Tool which acts as a simple questionnaire-like screen to both internal and external users yet provides a robust and consistent gateway to the 360 Enterprise Connect repository, ensuring data integrity and quality while allowing us to gather huge volumes of content very quickly. Objects and Connections can also be created while building Models, and there is also a powerful Association Matrix which dynamically allows the user to add and remove Connections between any Object Types as defined by the meta model.

Reference Models

Unlike traditional architecture tools which can require a lot of configuration and a critical mass of content before the Customer sees any value, 360 Enterprise Connect Clients see value from the very first day. Out-of-the-box reference models are available for many industries, both from the Business Architecture Guild and from UMT 360’s own growing library of tailored Business Capability, Value Stream, Information Landscape and Application Landscape models, to name but a few.

Graphical Modeling

Modeling is an integral part of Architecture, and by design Models are an integral part of 360 Enterprise Connect. Content can be ingested into the repository and then used to create Models (in many cases 360 Enterprise Connect can even generate those Models for you), and equally our Modeling Canvas can be used to create and edit content graphically – in all cases the underlying data is stored and governed consistently in the repository.

Powerful Visualizations

Using a combination of business-friendly Models such as the Value Streams, Business Model Canvas, Customer Journey Maps, etc. and our built-in PowerBI reporting and dashboards, 360 Enterprise Connect is able to give users meaningful and insightful visualizations that bring their data to life. Models can be further enhanced by using our static and dynamic Heat Maps to bring context to any Model and to answer questions around redundancy, opportunity and strategic fit across any of our rich domains of content.

Viewpoints and States

One of the most powerful and innovative features of 360 Enterprise Connect is our implementation of Viewpoints and States. A Viewpoint is a flexible, user-defined statement of “where you are looking from” – this could be one or more Business Units, or Geographies, or Product Types, or a combination of all of those things, and a State describes a point-in-time or a period of time (“Current”, “Target”, “Interim 1-3 years” etc.) Collectively these are known as a Context, and they can be applied to any Objects, Connections, Properties and Models across 360 Enterprise Connect’s repository, allowing users to model and understand even the most complex business in simple, bite-sized chunks.

Assessments and Roadmapping

Many of the features listed above are combined to create our rich Assessment capability. As with all features of 360 Enterprise Connect, Assessments can be conducted across a broad range of Objects (such as Business Capabilities, Business Processes, Information Concepts, etc.) Our Assessment tool allows users to visualize, for example, the current and desired Maturity of an area of the Business via a number of related measures. Using our Lifecycle Roadmapping tool, the gaps between the current and desired maturity level can be mapped out as Initiatives showing the dependencies and interactions between them.


Utilize out of the box connectors to integrate 360 Enterprise Connect with tools such as ServiceNow and Flexera. Our Comprehensive API allows for bi-directional connections with other line of business systems ( Jira, CBDM, PPM, etc.)

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360 Portfolio Insights delivers capabilities specifically designed to deliver key capabilities for those focused on orchestration and delivery, helping them ensure that all initiatives, spend and resources are derived from – and continuously align with – strategic priorities.

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