Value Management & Realization

A key component of UMT360’s comprehensive Strategy Realization Management solution

Value Management & Realization – a key component of Strategy Execution Management.

Effectively orchestrating business transformation requires portfolio analysis tools and processes to help organizations easily communicate and track the value from every investment. This is a critical step to align all execution with strategy and establish a framework to track actual benefits realized.

UMT360’s value management & realization capabilities enable organizations to systematically mature their top-down planning techniques (e.g. project-driven, program-driven, capability / product driven). With enhanced visibility and insight across all enterprise investments, organizations can drive greater accountability, improve estimating accuracy, document lessons learned and easily rebalance their portfolios to maximize ROI.

  • Standardize benefit structures & governance controls
  • Consolidate benefit estimates for all initiatives
  • Dynamically reforecast benefits for all initiatives
  • Track benefits by project, program or other enterprise portfolios
  • Continuously rebalance portfolios to maximize ROI
  • Derive metrics & generate powerful reports & dashboards

This is just one component of UMT360’s comprehensive Strategic Realization Management solution. For a complete picture of how this solution can enable your organization to establish the top-down business planning and controls required to integrate all portfolios, align all execution with strategy and improve project execution to accelerate business transformation, click here.