Demand & Innovation Management

A key component of UMT360’s comprehensive Strategy Realization Management solution

Demand & Innovation Management – a key component of Strategy Execution Management.

Powerful demand management capabilities are a foundational component to gaining visibility across all work. Project requests can originate from anywhere, but it’s not enough to simply provide a digital suggestion box and standardize intake.

UMT360’s demand and innovation management capabilities help bring order to all that chaos, enabling you to generate standardized business cases that align demand with strategy and help ensure that you’re not simply choosing the best from a bad list of ideas. UMT360 makes it easy to:

  • Consolidate and standardize all requests
  • Generate top-down demand (from lifecycle decisions on products, services, capabilities, etc.)
  • Build structured business cases to evaluate all requests
  • Consolidate and streamline cost and benefit analysis
  • Assess resource requirements and capacity
  • Capture key dependencies with entities from other portfolios
  • Prioritize requests from a variety of dimensions, including strategic value, risk, probability of success, architectural fit and more
  • Quickly identify potentially redundant initiatives
  • Generate comprehensive reports, dashboards & analytics

This is just one component of UMT360’s comprehensive Strategic Realization Management solution. For a complete picture of how this solution can enable your organization to establish the top-down business planning and controls required to integrate all portfolios, align all execution with strategy and improve project execution to accelerate business transformation, click here.