Resource Utilization & Management

A key component of UMT360’s comprehensive Strategy Realization Management solution

Resource Utilization & Management – a key component of Strategy Execution Management.

Optimizing how resources are used is critical for any organization hoping to fully realize its business strategy. In today’s tri-modal reality - where it’s common for resources to be managed across Agile, waterfall, or even non-project-orientated work systems - having visibility across all resources is a real challenge.

UMT360’s intelligent resource management delivers the essential capabilities your organization needs to maximize ROI and drive efficiencies to sustain future growth. Armed with these best-practice resource management capabilities and techniques, your organization can:

  • Gain visibility and control of all resources
  • Manage all resources across projects managed in different methodologies
  • Improve accuracy of resource demand (estimates and forecasts)
  • Easily find the right people / team for each project
  • Manage resource commitments
  • Simplify Capacity Planning to improve resource utilization
  • Model the impact of portfolio changes
  • Track time and streamline Capitalization Reporting

This is just one component of UMT360’s comprehensive Strategic Realization Management solution. For a complete picture of how this solution can enable your organization to establish the top-down business planning and controls required to integrate all portfolios, align all execution with strategy and improve project execution to accelerate business transformation, click here.