Integrated Ecosystem

A key component of UMT360’s comprehensive Strategy Realization Management solution

Integrated Ecosystem – a key component of Strategy Execution Management.

The success of any top-down portfolio management system is predicated on how effectively it integrates data between key line-of-business processes and systems of record within each specific portfolio or data source.

UMT360’s strategic portfolio management solution seamlessly integrates existing systems to pull all information into the portfolio model. This eliminates double data entry and duplication, and helps support one ecosystem where data is easily integrated between:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning systems
  • PPM tools
  • Agile tools & execution
  • Work management solutions
  • Enterprise Architecture tools
  • ITSM solution
  • Customer Relationship Management tools

This is just one component of UMT360’s comprehensive Strategic Realization Management solution. For a complete picture of how this solution can enable your organization to establish the top-down business planning and controls required to integrate all portfolios, align all execution with strategy and improve project execution to accelerate business transformation, click here.