Governance Across Any Portfolio

A key component of UMT360’s comprehensive Strategy Realization Management solution

Governance Across Any Portfolio – a key component of Strategy Execution Management.

Governance gets a bad rap. Many see it only as arduous rules and processes that place an undue burden on stakeholders and users alike. But savvy organizations understand that robust portfolio governance controls are only effective if they are smart and flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders.

UMT360’s portfolio governance capabilities first help organizations to define a portfolio model to connect disparate portfolios (e.g. projects, programs, strategies, capabilities, products, services, technology.) to provide a 360° view across all investments. Then, flexible workflow controls allow organizations to right-size governance for managing all work / investments without all the red tape. These capabilities include:

  • Standardized inventory / portfolios for projects, programs, strategies, capabilities, products, services, etc.
  • Flexible workflow editor for governing all investments
  • Notifications, approval and audit capabilities
  • Powerful, auditable snapshots
  • Reports, dashboards and analytics

This is just one component of UMT360’s comprehensive Strategic Realization Management solution. For a complete picture of how this solution can enable your organization to establish the top-down business planning and controls required to integrate all portfolios, align all execution with strategy and improve project execution to accelerate business transformation, click here.