UMT360 Strategy Realization Management
Powerful portfolio management capabilities to align all investments with business strategy and accelerate business transformation

To effectively drive business transformation, two realities must be acknowledged:

  1. 1. Every organization struggles with the “tri-modal reality” - employing a combination of waterfall, Agile, and back-of-the-napkin project execution methodologies across the enterprise.

  2. 2. No initiative, no matter how it’s executed, exists in a vacuum. Projects and programs are funded for only one reason – to transform the capabilities, products and services that enable an organization to deliver value to customers. Connecting and aligning all execution (operational and discretionary spend) with strategy is critical to driving growth and fueling a competitive advantage.

UMT360’s comprehensive Strategic Realization Management solution enables every organization to establish the top-down business planning and controls required to integrate all portfolios and improve project execution to accelerate business transformation. Key components include:

Governance Controls Across Any Portfolio

Many see it only as arduous rules and processes that place an undue burden on stakeholders and users alike. But savvy organizations understand that robust portfolio governance controls are only effective if they are smart and flexible enough to meet the needs of a wide variety of stakeholders.

Standardizing Demand & Innovation Management

You never know where project requests might come from. But one thing is clear, to do more than simply choose the best from a bad list of ideas, you’ll need demand management capabilities that help provide visibility across all work.

Budgeting & Forecasting

A key to accelerating business transformation is managing all portfolios and execution as strategic business investments. Integrating and streamlining budgeting and forecasting information enables all stakeholders to understand impact of any change across all portfolios.

Resource Utilization & Management

Resources must now be managed across agile, waterfall or even non-project-orientated work systems. Gaining visibility across all resources – and optimizing utilization – is a critical challenge for any organization hoping to fully realize its business strategy.

Value Management & Realization

Portfolio analysis tools and processes are critical to any organization’s ability to communicate and track the value of each investment. Aligning all execution with strategy enables all stakeholders to establish the framework needed to track actual benefits realized.

Roadmapping & Release Management

Roadmaps are powerful tools to help ensure that all investment decisions are clearly understood across the organization. By visualizing and communicating key dependencies enterprise-wide, roadmaps serve to help harmonize decisions and track progress across all investment.

Strategic Portfolio Analysis

Generating what-if scenarios and modeling potential outcomes based on ad-hoc questions used to require teams to stay late and manually crunch numbers. But what if you had the tools to respond to any possible question about any portfolio with just a few clicks?

Business Intelligence & Metrics

Critical project and program data is too often locked up in various systems across the enterprise. Getting that data into the hands of portfolio analysts so they can quickly respond to ad hoc questions and create reports hasn’t always been easy. Until now…

Integrated Ecosystem

How effectively does your current portfolio management process integrate data between key portfolios and key line-of-business processes and systems of record? Chances are, you’re still grappling with manual processes and silos of information.