UMT360 Strategic Portfolio Management
One comprehensive solution that delivers the enhanced capabilities you need to transform your PPM process into a powerful strategic portfolio management platform.

UMT360 provides powerful capabilities that seamlessly add critical business planning and controls into your PPM solution. Enterprise Portfolio Management enables you to integrate critical business controls and data from anywhere in the business to more effectively manage projects and programs as business investments, while seamlessly connecting portfolios across the enterprise to truly orchestrate business transformation.

Portfolio Governance

UMT360 provides robust, smart and flexible governance controls that enable a wide variety of stakeholders to effectively manage projects, programs and other enterprise portfolios without the excessive bureaucracy typically associated with portfolio governance. UMT360 makes it easy to:

  • Leverage a flexible and scalable Enterprise Portfolio Model.
  • Standardize templates for all entities included in Enterprise Portfolio Model.
  • Define investment governance controls for projects, programs and other enterprise portfolios.
  • Understand where you are in the governance process with workflow visualization.
  • Trigger Snapshots, including custom field, resource, milestone, financial and scoring metrics.

Portfolio Management

Traditional PPM makes it difficult to align all investments with strategy and optimize resource utilization. UMT360 provides PMOs with the capabilities they need to more effectively align execution with strategy, by enabling organizations to:

  • Record top-down budgets across portfolios, business units and departments.
  • Automates top-down planning techniques leveraging these investment approaches:
    • Project-Driven.
    • Program-Driven.
    • Business Capability-Driven.
  • Support both traditional annual and sophisticated continuous / agile planning techniques.
  • Run integrated portfolio analysis across projects, programs, applications and capabilities

Demand Management

UMT360 enables organizations to build world-class business cases within the PPM solution, making it easy to more effectively govern and evaluate competing initiatives. Powerful business case templates enable PMOs to:

  • Leverage intelligent forms to display the right information to people at the right time.
  • Use Web-based Resource Plans to easily build teams and estimate resource requirements.
  • Quickly capture time-phased cost and benefit estimates within the PPM solution.
  • Capture key milestones and record cross-project, program and portfolio dependencies.
  • Use scoring assessments (e.g. Strategic Impact, Risk, Complexity etc.) to effectively prioritize competing demand.

Resource Management

UMT360 adds intelligent resource management capabilities to make it easy to estimate, track and forecast resources integrated or disconnected from the PPM solution’s schedule. UMT360’s web-based resource management capabilities enable the organization to:

  • Easily capture resource estimates, forecasts and actuals in UMT360’s resource plan.
  • Build top-down resource plans and / or sync resource assignments from the PPM schedule.
  • Easily find and add roles or named individual resources into UMT360 resource plan.
  • Automate snapshots of resource data by workflow gate or across the portfolio.
  • Effectively estimate, forecast and track capitalized work.

Cost Management

UMT360’s powerful financial engine enables the organization to go beyond custom fields and excel to integrate cost data directly into the PPM process across the project and program lifecycle. These additional business planning and controls enable the PMO to:

  • Define hierarchal cost structures and budget, actual and forecast dimensions.
  • Easily capture time-phased cost estimates in the business case.
  • Use allocation centers to breakdown costs by funding source and establish chargeback framework.
  • Automate snapshots of cost data by workflow gate or across the portfolio.
  • Manage projects in varying currencies and maintain exchange rates.
  • Capture actual and forecast costs for each reporting period to derive variance metrics.
  • Leverage the Data Exchange Module to integrate with and import actual costs from ERP systems.

Benefits Management

UMT360’s robust benefits realization framework provides the insight needed to gauge performance, recognize success, identify areas for improvement, and improve processes across the project and program lifecycle. This enables the PMO to:

  • Define hierarchal benefit structures and dimensions for budget, actual and forecast.
  • Easily capture time-phased benefit estimates in a project’s business case.
  • Derive financial metrics, including NPV, ROI and more.
  • Re-forecast benefits throughout project lifecycle.
  • Track actual benefits realized and derive variance metrics.
  • Automate snapshots of benefit data by workflow gate or across the portfolio.
  • Capture lessons learned and success metrics.

Schedule Management & Roadmaps

UMT360’s powerful capabilities define and automate roadmaps, making it easy to develop a macro-summary across all organizations and portfolios. Quickly visualize, understand and manage the relationships between all investments and the strategic capabilities they are intended to impact, with features that let you:

  • Easily enter and track key milestones and dates for projects, programs and other portfolios.
  • Synchronize key dates from the PPM schedule.
  • Quickly capture and manage cross-project, program and portfolio dependencies.
  • Automate snapshots of milestone data by workflow gate or across the portfolio.
  • Generate entity-level roadmaps to see cross-portfolio relationships and dependencies of any entity.
  • Build and automate portfolio level roadmaps, with templates that include Portfolio Timeline, Portfolio Slicer and Portfolio Impact.

Change Request Management

Capturing the frequent changes to budgets and business considerations is a key dimension to any PPM process. UMT360 makes it easy to build a structured approach for managing change and updating budgets, enabling organizations to:

  • Leverage templates that can include changes to financial data and custom fields (e.g. scope).
  • Easily create a change request and route for approval.
  • Specify change request approvers and automatically update budgets on approval.
  • Maintain an auditable record of pending, approved and rejected change requests.

Business Intelligence & Reporting

UMT360 provides out-of-the-box reporting and quick-start kits to help your organization fully leverage a variety of powerful BI capabilities. This enables virtually anyone to more effectively communicate results and outcomes and quickly identify issues requiring attention. UMT360 provides:

  • Best practice report packs for project, program and application portfolios.
  • The ability to generate and automate portfolio roadmaps.
  • Support for trend analysis through UMT360 Snapshots.
  • Full compliance with OData reporting standards.
  • Access for UMT360 data through Microsoft BI and other 3rd party reporting solutions.

Program Management

True program management is more than just a veneer applied to project management. UMT360 adds controls needed to manage programs as independent investment entities, making it easy to assess both top-down and bottom-up performance at any time. UMT360 makes it easy to:

  • Establish program level governance and workflow controls.
  • Initiate and complete comprehensive program level business cases.
  • Allocate and approve top-down funds associated to each program.
  • Easily maintain list of program milestones / business outcomes.
  • Connect associated projects and manage cross-project and program dependencies.
  • Define and automate powerful program roadmaps.
  • Automatically aggregate bottom-up costs from associated projects.

Enterprise Portfolio Management

UMT360 helps organizations move beyond simply managing projects and programs by providing the capability to connect and manage all enterprise portfolios. UMT360 delivers enterprise portfolio management best practices that help:

  • Manage and transform your Business Capabilities.
  • Rationalize and modernize your Application Portfolios.
  • Identify obsolescence and transform Technology Portfolios.
  • Optimize Product and Service portfolios to drive ROI.

Integrated Ecosystem

UMT360’s Data Exchange Module helps you effectively connect line-of-business systems and productivity tools in order to provide organizations with the timely insight needed to inform better business decisions. Systems that are easily integrated with UMT360 include:

  • ERP Integration (SAP, Oracle Financials etc.)
  • Agile Integration (Jira, TFS, Rally etc.)
  • ITSM Integration (ServiceNow, Cherwell etc.)
  • CRM Integration (Dynamics, Salesforce etc.)