UMT360 Resource Manager
Simplify resource estimating, forecasting and tracking

Adopting best-practice resource management techniques can help your organization maximize ROI and drive efficiencies to sustain the business and support future growth. UMT360’s intelligent resource management capabilities make it easy to estimate, track and forecast resources, regardless of whether those resources are integrated with the Microsoft PPM schedule or completely disconnected. Key features include:

Search Resources By Availability

UMT360 Resource Manager provides a one-stop experience that makes it easy to find the right resources, gauge their availability and build your team. See the resources and their availability all in one comprehensive view. Powerful Resource Engagement workflow connects project managers with resource managers to facilitate the allocation of resources to projects, making it easy to find the right resources and build your team.

  • Intuitive search helps you identify potential resources using any resource custom field (e.g. skills, location, role, department etc.).
  • Resources can be sorted by role and availability in one convenient view.
  • Visualize the right resources in a time-phased manner to more effectively build your team.
  • Stack-rank resources based on availability, to ensure the right fit for every initiative.

Simplified Resource Estimates

By easily capturing resource demand in top-down resource plans, UMT360 makes it easy to:

  • Estimate resource demand by role or named resource in varying granularities (e.g. yearly, quarterly and monthly) and units (e.g. FTE, days and hours).
  • Add multiple assignments for the same resources in the UMT360 resource plans to support phase-level planning and isolate capitalized and non-capitalized work.
  • Capture resource demand at varying levels in the portfolio hierarchy (e.g. portfolio, program, project etc.).
  • Automatically commit resources to projects at key governance gates.
  • Support rolling wave resource planning.

Resource Tracking & Forecasting

UMT360’s powerful resource management capabilities help the organization intuitively track and forecast remaining work for all inflight projects.

  • Sync actuals from the Microsoft PPM schedule with UMT360 resource plan (actuals dimension) or import from third-party solution.
  • Easily re-forecast resource assignments and/or sync with assignments in the Microsoft PPM schedule and choose to provide resource forecasts and / or intuitively update resource forecasts directly in UMT360 resource plans.
  • Compare planned, actual and committed work and generate variance metrics.

Bulk Edit Resource Plans

Project Managers can quickly update resource estimates and forecasts for all instances of a resource in one place without having to open/check-out each project.

Derive Financials Using Secure Resource Rates

Secure global resource rate can be managed within UMT360 and will automatically update corresponding financials (budget, actuals, forecast) from resource plan.

  • Makes it easy to manage resource rates globally and securely control access to all resource rate information.
  • Establish default mappings for each resource to financial structures (cost nodes and allocation centers) and easily over-ride as needed/
  • Automatically derive financial views based on UMT360 resource plan data (for more info, see Cost Manager).

Capitalized Work

Leverage powerful resource management capabilities to easily estimate, track and forecast capitalized work.

  • Easily flag assignments to be capitalized in the UMT360 resource plan for generic and named resources.
  • Integrate with the Microsoft PPM schedule to track capitalized work.
  • Forecast remaining capitalized work for each resource by project or at the portfolio level.


Powerful UMT360 Snapshots feature makes it easy to keep auditable records of planned, actual and committed work, enabling you to:

  • Automatically trigger a Snapshot to be taken for a project or program at any stage in the governance workflow.
  • Take Snapshots across the portfolio at any time (e.g. to support monthly status reporting or quarterly forecasting).
  • Easily report on resource data included in UMT360 Snapshots.

Reports & Dashboards

UMT360 makes it easy to include resource data in reports and dashboards built using Microsoft Business Intelligence tools (e.g. Excel Services, SQL Reporting Services Power BI etc.) along with a variety of third-party BI solutions, including Tableau, Qlik and more.