UMT360 Portfolio Manager
Instantly model the impact of any change to project and program portfolios

What typically happens when someone asks to see the impact of a specific change across all dimensions of project and program portfolios? You stay late and manually crunch numbers to produce lots of what-if scenarios.

With UMT360’s Portfolio Manager App seamlessly integrated with your Microsoft PPM platform, it’s easy to conduct what-if scenarios, going beyond simple resource capacity planning, to show the impact of any change across multiple dimensions, including costs, resources, benefits, value, timeline and more. Now you can more effectively respond to every possible question about your portfolio, proactively triage today’s problems or even model and predict possible problems in the future.

Metrics for Strategic Portfolio Management

Powerful portfolio management features enable PMOs to utilize key metrics to measure the impact of any change to portfolios.

  • Easily select the right project portfolios to be included in any analysis.
  • Automatically derive baseline metrics like Resource and Budget Utilization, Payback, Strategic Yield, ROI, and more for all included initiatives.
  • Assess the impact to each key metric while modeling changes on your portfolio.

Interactive Visual Roadmaps

Leverage powerful and interactive roadmaps designed specifically to help you model and understand the effect of any portfolio change.

  • Add, drop or reschedule a project and instantly see impact on resource, cost and benefit data and metrics.
  • Create near-term and multi-year roadmaps and zoom in or out to desired timeframe.
  • Visually organize and prioritize projects the way you want within your portfolio.
  • Visualize key milestones and dependencies and gauge impact across the portfolio.
  • Filter out data and focus on just the information you want to see.

Optimize Resource Utilization

Powerful resource management capabilities deliver the insight needed to better manage your most important assets.

  • Intuitive heat-maps allow you to quickly visualize and assess resource availability and conflicts.
  • Drag and drop projects to visualize the entire portfolio schedule and maximize resource utilization.
  • Run analysis at summary level (e.g. role, team, location etc.) or drill down to the named resource level.
  • Intuitive contextual filtering helps you quickly drill-in on the projects and resources contributing to over- and under-allocation.

Optimize Costs

UMT360 provides the capabilities required to help visualize and manage all project and portfolio cost information in one place.

  • Establish, modify and visualize top-down budget constraints.
  • Effectively support multi-year fiscal planning by rescheduling projects based on budget constraints while maximizing portfolio value.
  • Easily model cost reduction scenarios and assess their effect on a portfolio.
  • Immediately assess budget utilization consequences of adding, dropping or rescheduling projects.
  • Assess potential impact of any decision on forecasted Capex and Opex spend.

Maximize ROI and Accelerate Payback

Powerful portfolio management capabilities enable organizations to more effectively gain visibility across all projected benefits. UMT360’s app can help you to:

  • More effectively establish benefit targets for each portfolio.
  • Quickly identify if a selected portfolio will meet or exceed the required benefits.
  • Easily add, drop or reschedule projects to maximize benefits and reduce payback timelines.