Resource Planning Accelerator makes it easy to master resource management & capacity planning

Effective resource management is still a thorn-in-the-side of most organizations. And for those needing to manage resources across a variety of execution methodologies and tools, it can seem almost impossible. UMT360’s Resource Planning Accelerator addresses those resource management capability gaps quickly and easily, enabling you to standardize, consolidate and manage all aspect of resource and capacity planning, without spending months implementing a new solution.

Quickly and easily manage resources

Stakeholders have easy access to all the information they need to make more timely and better decisions.

  • Standardize enterprise resource pool and associated resource attributes, including type, skill, location and more
  • Assign resources to a single team or multiple teams
  • Quickly find the resources you need by Role, Location, Department and more using attribute-based Advanced Search
  • Quickly and easily assess time-phased availability when finding the right resources for your project

Easily capture and consolidate resource demand & forecasts

Consolidate all your resource data in one place, to better understand resource requirements across the organization.

  • Quickly capture resource assignments using an intuitive, web-based resource plan
  • Capture demand, forecast and actual work using a variety of work units such as FTE, Days and Hours
  • Easily and quickly access and update your resource plans for all projects in a single view (My Resource Plans)
  • Manage your project resourcing needs using any combination of Teams, Roles and Individuals
  • Capture time-phased resource assignment values across flexible timeframes and granularities

Support unique needs of Agile teams

Quickly gain visibility and control across resource demand and assignments for all Agile teams.

  • Easily define and manage teams to support Agile resource management
  • Take complete control over the membership of each team by assigning one or more resources to one or more teams
  • Automatically derive overall team capacity based on time-phased capacity of all team members
  • Maintain historical data integrity regardless of shifts that occur over time in the structure or composition of a team
  • Manage hybrid projects with both team allocations as well as individual resources in the same Resource Plan

Enables Resource Managers to more effectively manage their teams

Provides complete, real-time visibility into all dimensions of capacity and demand.

  • Intuitive portal (My Resources) provides clear visibility into all current and future work for your team
  • Easily find available people for new resource requests, using any number of matching criteria (Role, Skill, Department, Location, Availability and more), and commit resources as needed
  • Quickly identify resource over/under allocations using out-of-the-box Heatmap views
  • Easily compare commitments against forecasts, and continuously adjust or reallocate resources in response to variances

Quickly and easily conduct capacity planning what-if analysis

Quickly and easily model the impact of any changes to your projects and program portfolios on your resource availability with simple drag and drop capabilities.

  • Visualize your project portfolios in an intuitive and interactive roadmap and use charts and heatmaps to quickly identify and resolve resource conflicts
  • Take action within the interactive roadmap (add new initiatives, cancel or reschedule in-flight initiatives, etc.) to understand the impact that common questions and ad hoc requests will have on your resources
  • Leverage the power of contextual filtering to navigate large amounts of information and to help you quickly pinpoint the source of resource conflicts
  • Make better informed decisions by visualizing, understanding and enforcing cross-project scheduling dependencies
  • Easily model plans without impacting underlying live data, and create multiple what-if scenarios to compare and contrast potential outcomes

Best Practice Dashboards and Self-Serve Reporting

Includes powerful reporting capabilities designed to scale according your specific needs.

  • Take advantage of pre-packaged content pack reports and dashboards
  • Empower you users to build ad-hoc reports using their BI tool of choice (Power BI, Tableau, Excel and more)
  • Create custom enterprise-ready dashboards and reports that fit the specific needs of your business

Quick and easy integration with a variety of tools

Get up and running quickly and integrate with both traditional PPM and Agile work management tools.

  • Get started quickly by importing project and resource information from Excel
  • Utilize out-of-the-box connectors to easily sync project and resource information from a variety of execution tools (Azure DevOps, Microsoft Project, Dynamics 365, JIRA)
  • Quickly manage and update the data directly within UMT360

Get the capabilities you need, quickly and easily

Every UMT360 Strategy Execution Accelerator is designed to be implemented quickly with a minimum amount of consulting or configuration. Leveraging best practices garnered from years of successful client engagements, these powerful Accelerators provide precisely the capabilities you need, without weeks or months of configuration.

Part of UMT360’s comprehensive strategy execution platform

Need a specific Strategy Execution Accelerator right now? Let’s get started! Each one delivers powerful stand-alone capabilities that you can have up and running in just a few days. And since they all complement each other, it’s easy to add additional capabilities – in any order you’d like – whenever you’re ready. Best of all, each is part of UMT360’s comprehensive Strategy Execution Platform. Which means that with every Accelerator you add, you’re that much closer to having all the capabilities you need to align all investments with strategy and ultimately accelerate digital transformation.