Case Study: AGCO

AGCO's New Enterprise PPM Solution

UMT360 gives AGCO an enhanced understanding of project financials.

Fortune 500 manufacturer of agricultural and farming equipment, AGCO, was having trouble base-lining their portfolio every year. The issues associated with identifying just what they had in their portfolio sent the $10 billion company, recognized for its innovative, high quality farming solutions, in search of an enterprise PPM solution that would work for their global organization.

For portfolio management, they had been relying on what amounted to an Excel dump of the data;issues and risks were maintained in Excel but didn't connect to the portfolio, and reporting was done in PowerPoint requiring project managers to spend countless hours score-carding and updating PowerPoints for various audiences.

AGCO selected Microsoft Project Server for its PPM with UMT360 on top of it to address two key priorities - providing the financial management and configurable workflows they needed. Along with those top two priorities came a range of other new capabilities including robust investment management, aggregation, project budget/forecast/actuals, benefits planning and realization, data import, change management and financial reporting.

The company says with the visibility UMT360 provides, it's been able to dramatically enhance its understanding of project financials and, of particular interest to the CIO, is the portfolio view that includes all projects with the ability to filter the data in numerous ways such as by cost or region. They're now focusing on applying some of new capabilities that came with UMT360 such as benefits management.