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Why organizations need more from portfolio management.

In a UMT360 webcast, an industry analyst said that business leaders are now “reaching out to the market again looking for independent portfolio management functionality that will allow them to justify new investments and justify the redistribution especially of funds in order to exploit new business opportunities.”   Today, it can be a daunting process for executives dealing with data and metrics held in silos. They need to see the full picture – a 360° perspective – across their organization.  Independent, or integrated, portfolio management is essential to ensuring that scarce resources – both people and money – are fully utilized and that the business and technology architecture can be continually optimized to provide necessary agility to keep pace with changing demand.

UMT360 is an integrated portfolio management solution that helps organizations to connect business and technology asset portfolios, gain complete financial transparency, collaborate to make smarter investment decisions and successfully deliver strategic initiatives to maximize ROI. Extensive experience working with Global 2000 companies has consistently shown that businesses must better understand the unique inter-relationships between portfolios to improve investment decisions.   At its foundation are three core elements: integration, financial and synchronization.

  • Integration – By standardizing metrics and capturing interrelationships and dependencies between different domains helps you build a dynamic blueprint and effectively orchestrate your business and technology asset portfolios providing a completely new perspective.
  • Flexibility to dynamically aggregate financial data between portfolios helps derive and track the total cost of ownership of each entity and drives financial transparency making it easier to view assets as business investments and make ROI-based decisions.
  • And synchronization helps a business proactively record lifecycle decisions for each asset and quickly gauge the cross portfolio impact of investment decisions.

The analyst noted that the future is in creating a portfolio management solution that once existed 15 years ago but companies weren’t ready for yet… an independent platform that not only brings in the financial aspects but also pulls in data from other third party sources to help provide multidimensional analysis that leads to better decision making no matter what vertical industry you’re in.

The time is now for businesses to identify Integrated Portfolio Management solutions like UMT360 which are able to provide them with the perspective they need for better decision making.  UMT360 is proud to be leading the way.

Want to know more about why organizations today are looking for more than traditional PPM?  Don’t miss a UMT360 video presentation featuring Gartner analyst Daniel Stang which explores what you need to do to get more from your PPM.   Click here to view the presentation.