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Using Microsoft Teams collaboration capabilities with UMT360

Many organizations are in the process of moving from Skype to Microsoft Teams. In addition to providing the ability to message and call team members, Microsoft Teams also provides great team collaboration capabilities. Let’s take a look at how to leverage those capabilities in conjunction with UMT360.

Integrating Microsoft Teams with UMT360

When creating a new team in Microsoft Teams, the team comes by default with a tab for conversations, file sharing, and a wiki to share notes. It is very easy to add tabs to include other content that is relevant to a team. Project teams may want to add tabs for specific UMT360 projects.

Note that when adding a SharePoint page, the SharePoint navigation is included, which leaves little space for the content.

Hiding Sharepoint in Microsoft Teams

The good news? It’s relatively easy to hide SharePoint navigation in Microsoft Teams using a URL parameter, following these simple steps.

1. Click Add a tab

2. In the Add a tab dialog box, enter Website in the search box, and click the Website tab that is displayed

3. In the Tab name field, enter the name of the tab, for example the name of the page from UMT360 Online
4. In the URL field, paste the URL of the page
5. Enter &isdlg=1 at the end of the URL
6. Optionally, clear the Post to the channel about this tab check box
7. Click Save

8. Observe how the UMT360 Online page is displayed in Microsoft Teams without the navigation

Click here to learn more about the URL parameter that is described in this blog post. The following screen captures illustrate more samples of UMT360 Online pages in Microsoft Teams.