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UMT360 v5.7 – Cumulative Update 7

We’re pleased to announce the availability of UMT360 v5.7 – Cumulative Update 7 (CU7). Cumulative Updates include all previously released public updates and private hotfixes. We strongly recommend that any patch and release is validated in a non-production environment first before being applied to production environments.

  • New features and significant enhancements
    • Resource Rates and Financial Integration: added the ability to manage secure global resource rates in UMT360 and to automatically update financial views (cost nodes & allocation centers) from the UMT360 Resource Plan
    • OData enhancements: added new views for UMT360 configuration – OData.Fields, OData.FinancialDimensions, OData.FinancialTemplates, OData.EntitySettings (including Timeline information) and renamed a few views for consistency – OData.EnterpriseFinancialTypes, OData.Entities, OData.Surveys
  • Core Financial Capabilities
    • Added notification emails for the Submitter of a Change Request on approval or rejection
    • Portfolio Managers now have the Approve Change Request permission set to Allow by default
    • Fixed issue with the Review Change Request button disappearing when creating a draft or pending Change Request under specific scenarios
    • Fixed issue with the Report Text Fields being displayed in Change Requests when performing copy actions in a Budget Dimension in execution
    • Bulk Snapshots are now created without the need for any of the following permissions:  Contribute permission level, Manage Lists, Override List Behaviors
    • Allocation Centers are no longer deselected from Display Filter after performing a Timeline change
    • Timeline takes into consideration Saturday and Sunday as valid working days to be set for Start Date and End Date if they are set as working Exceptions in Project, but not if they are set as working days from Work Weeks
    • Fixed error occurring in financial grids in projects with Fiscal calendar, Entire Project granularity and a Timeline of one day
    • Values are no longer displayed in Forecast after being deleted from an Actuals Aggregation Financial Breakdown
    • The lookup table structure is now expanded to the level of the currently selected value for a Breakdown Financial Field with lookup table
    • Fixed issue with values from current period being overwritten with null in Forecast, when using‘Overwrite upon approving Actuals values
    • Fixed issue with values from Forecast not being correctly overwritten from Actuals when using Overwrite upon approving Actuals values and Auto-approve actuals
  • Roadmaps and Milestones
    • Roadmaps are no longer reliant on entity workflows and their stages
    • Added ability to print the entire content of a Portfolio Timeline/Slicer/Impact View
    • Added Full Screen functionality to all Roadmap Views
    • Added the possibility to filter a Timeline Views by Entity Type Name
  • Added unique name requirements for Portfolio Roadmap Views
    • New entities are automatically added in Portfolio Roadmap Views
    • A Roadmap Timeline is now updated when the Map to specific Entity Fields option is used
    • Fixed issue with custom filter only applied after a refresh on Portfolio and Slicer Views
    • Milestones having Actual Date greater than Planned Date are now displayed in the Roadmaps as red diamonds and the variance is a positive number
  • Resource Management
    • Selected Resource Dimensions are now persisted
    • Users having Edit Permissions for one or more Resource Dimensions can now change the Timeline Range even without View permissions
    • The Number Alignment option from Global Options is now taken into account by Resource Cost Fields with lookup tables
    • Fixed format for Date Fields
  • Data Exchange
    • Decimal values can now be imported in Breakdown Financial Fields of type number
    • Fixed issue with values not being imported on Actuals using UMT360 Fiscal Periods which don’t start/end in January or December
    • Updated description for Financial Identifier
    • Fixed throttling issue on updating Fields
  • Queue
    • Fixed issue with duplicate values being added as a result of an Update Instance queue job failing due to lack of Edit permissions on Financial Values when the Financial Timeline is changed
    • Fixed performance issue generated by multiple UpdateForecastValues queue jobs for the same project when Actuals are approved and the Forecast is overwritten
    • Fixed issue with Update Values for Entity queue job failing when changing granularity
    • Addressed minor display inconsistencies in the queue work item details pop-up
    • Improved reliability of the Synchronize Entity Information to the Reporting Database, Update Change Request Values, Update Exchange Rates for Reporting and Sync Entity Resource Plan queue jobs
    • Added automatic retry mechanism for queue jobs that fail with a CICOCheckedOutToOtherUser error
    • Fixed timing issue with queue job failing when the Change Request workflow started before information on Change Request (Status/Submitter/Submitted date) got a change to get updated
  • Other
    • Performance improvements on UMT360 Fields web part
    • The Manage UMT360 Forms page is no longer accessible when Manage UMT360 Forms permission is set on Deny
    • The Form Type column is now displayed in the Manage UMT360 Forms page
    • Fixed issue with the DeleteExchangeRate method deleting all the Exchange Rates of a currency, not just the one indicated
    • Improved error and validation handling for DeleteSnapshot, UpdateResourceDimension and ValidateResourceDimension
    • The InExecution column has been removed from cmExecutionStatuses
    • Fixed issue with percentages added to Allocation centers not being properly formatted in locales which use comma as a decimal separator
    • Added the ability to create multiple Snapshots on the same Stage Transition using different Snapshot Templates
    • Added ability to define default filters for Portfolio Center views
    • Added confirmation dialog when the Lock Budget button is used
    • Fixed issue with Does not contain filter condition not working properly on Portfolio Views
    • Exporting Forecast values now generates an excel file having the name of the project

Visit the UMT360 Product Version History page for version details.

Customers and Partners can download CU7 via the online portals on www.umt360.com.


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