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UMT360 v5.14 – Product Update 14

We’re pleased to announce the availability of UMT360 v5.14 – Product Update 14 (PU14). Product Updates include all previously released public updates and private hotfixes. We strongly recommend that any patch and release is validated in a non-production environment first before being applied to production environments.

Below is a list of changes that will be introduced with this update:

  • Portfolio Manager
    • Added the ability to enforce Milestone Dependencies
    • Added the ability to display Entity Details
    • Added the ability to Refresh Data for individual entities
    • Added the ability to group, sort, color and filter UMT360 stand-alone entities in the Portfolio Roadmap
    • Added the ability to filter Resources by Fields with Lookup Tables
    • Added filtering capabilities to show only related Entities
    • Included queue process notification in the UI
    • Availability is now highlighted in red in the Resources section when a resource’s Full Time Equivalent is set to zero
    • The Budget Utilization metric is now updated when an entity is dropped from the Portfolio Roadmap
    • The available Entity Types are now sorted alphabetically in the Create Plan Configuration wizard
    • The available Roadmap Fields are now filtered in the Create Plan Configuration wizard based on the selected Entity Types
    • Fixed persistence issues with Cut-off and Target values
  • Resource Management
    • Availability Resource Dimension values now roll-up to the user selected group level in the My Resources web-part
    • Availability is updated on the fly when values are added to the Committed Resource Dimension in the UMT360 Resources web part and the UMT360 My Resource Plans web part
    • Snapshot Assignment Field values and Snapshot Resource Field values with Default value are now available in SnapshotAssignmentFieldValues and SnapshotResourceFieldValues OData Views
  • Roadmap and Milestone Management
    • Added the ability to create UMT360 Fields of type Milestone and display them in UMT360 Milestones web part
    • Added the ability to include UMT360 Milestone Fields in Snapshots
    • Added the ability to report on UMT360 Milestone Fields using OData
    • Added the ability to integrate Schedule Task Field values with UMT360 Milestone Fields
  • Core Financial Capabilities
    • The End Date of the last Actuals period takes into account the End Date of the Entity timeline
    • Values added in financial grids after a Snapshot is created are now displayed under Review Snapshot when Display Value is set to Difference
    • Fixed issue with values not being captured for the entire timeline when using Custom Granularity and the Entity timeline is increased
    • Fixed performance issue when saving Forecast values while using Enforce the use of allocation centers while having large number of projects, Financial Nodes and Allocation Centers
  • JIRA Connector
    • Added the ability to view and remove mappings between Jira and Project entities
  • Other
    • Fixed Reporting: Update Entity Type queue job error which occurred when changing the settings of an Entity Type configured with List Container Type
    • Fixed Update Entity queue job error when adding a second Enterprise Financial Type to a Global Template and pushing the settings
    • Improved performance of UMT360 OData Views by adding pagination mechanism
    • Fixed Remote Resources Update queue job error and improved performance when bulk editing resources in Project Online Resource Center
  • Programmability (CSOM interfaces)
    • Added new collections: FinancialBreakdowns, FinancialBreakdownTemplates, SurveyScoringTemplates
    • Improved performance and fixes for the following collections and objects: Milestones, FinancialTypes, FinancialNodes, FinancialDimensions, AllocationCenters

Visit the UMT360 Product Version History page for version details. Customers and Partners can download PU14 via the online portals on www.umt360.com.