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UMT360 v5.13 – Product Update 13

We’re pleased to announce the availability of UMT360 v5.13 – Product Update 13 (PU13). Product Updates include all previously released public updates and private hotfixes. We strongly recommend that any patch and release is validated in a non-production environment first before being applied to production environments.

UMT360 v5.13 adds support for the Office365 Modern Authentication method when integrating with Project Online, in addition to the existing Legacy Authentication option. Modern Authentication offers more secure user authentication and authorization. We will continue to support both Legacy and Modern authentication going forward.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your organization is using Project Online, you are required to complete a one-time configuration change to mappings between Project Online Project Detail Pages and UMT360 Forms.  Please see below for an overview of the configuration changes that need to be applied to each UMT360 instance. Additional information is included with the user documentation available for download through the Customer Portal

  • Step 1: Go to UMT360 Settings – Manage UMT360 Form Mappings admin page and re-create the mappings between Project Online PDPs and UMT360 Forms
  • Step 2: Go to Project Online and add a Content Editor web part to each PDP that does not require a mapping with UMT360 Forms
  • Step 3: Link each Content Editor web part to the UMT360FormMappings.js file located in the UMT360 Connector folder from the Project Online site (for example: /sites/pwa/UMT360 Connector/UMT360FormMappings.js)

Below is a list of changes that will be introduced with this update:

  • Portfolio Manager
    • Added the ability to create and manage multiple Plans and Scenarios
    • Added the ability to create private or shared Plans
    • Added the ability to report on Plan and Scenario data using OData
    • Added the ability to filter which Resources are included in new Plans based on Resource Fields and/or whether or not they have existing assignments
    • Added the ability to use custom Enterprise Financial Types
    • Fixed issue when filtering entities using List Columns
    • Fixed issue with entities not being added to the Plan when their timelines partially intersect the Plan Range
    • Fixed issue that prevents the creation/update of a Plan when a resource field with lookup table that has no assignment values is used as the Default Summary Field
  • Core Financial Capabilities
    • Added the ability to manage financial plans using custom financial sub-categories on an entity by entity basis
    • The “Saving…” message is displayed in UMT360 Financial web parts only when corresponding processes occur in the background
  • Resource Management
    • Improved performance and usability for Weeks granularity in the context of UMT360 Resources, My Resource Plans and My Resources web parts
    • Fields added to UMT360 Resources web-parts are now automatically displayed in the web-part
    • Introduced the ability to choose whether inactive Resources are synchronized with the UMT360 Resource Pool
    • Improved Search performance in the Add Resources popup from the UMT360 Resources web part
    • Improved the user experience when the UMT360 Resources grid is loading or Queue jobs are being processed in the background
    • Fixed issue with UMT360 Resources being deleted from the Resource Pool if they cannot be read from Project
    • Fixed reporting data inconsistencies when a Reassign action is performed in the UMT360 Resources web-part
    • Fixed issue with Email Addresses not being saved when they begin with upper case letters
    • Fixed an error which occurred when changing the Start Date of the recurrent Resource Synchronization process, while having a different locale than US
    • Fixed an error which occurred in UMT360 Financial and Resources grids when refreshing/reloading the page, while using the latest version of Chrome or Edge (chromium)
    • Fixed an issue with UMT360 OData feeds failing to refresh in Power BI while using Weeks as the lowest granularity
  • JIRA Connector
    • Introduced new option which determines if the Project Lead/Project Owner field is updated in Jira/Project
  • Other
    • Added support for Office365 Modern Authentication as an alternative to SharePoint Online Credentials Authentication
    • Lookup table values are now displayed instead of GUIDs in multiple OData Views
    • Draft surveys can now be identified in the [OData].[SurveyUserAnswers] view using a new column called IsDraft
    • Reporting Entity Changed queue job is no longer fired for entities which are not yet created in the UMT360 Database
    • Introduced a new User Name column in the UMT360 Queue admin page
    • Fixed issue with Field Dependencies not being created on browsers other that Chrome

Visit the UMT360 Product Version History page for version details. Customers and Partners can download CU13 via the online portals on www.umt360.com.