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UMT360 v5.12 – Product Update 12

We’re pleased to announce the availability of UMT360 v5.12 – Product Update 12 (PU12). Product Updates include all previously released public updates and private hotfixes. We strongly recommend that any patch and release is validated in a non-production environment first before being applied to production environments.

  • New features and significant enhancements
    • Portfolio Manager – Enable organizations to model the impact of changes to project and program portfolios using what-if analysis
      • Measure the impact of changes using key portfolio metrics
      • Leverage interactive roadmaps to model changes to project portfolios, such as adding, removing or rescheduling projects
      • Optimize resource utilization by running analysis at summary level (e.g. role, team, location) or drill down to the named resource level
      • Optimize cost by running multi-year fiscal planning, cost reduction scenarios, budget utilization, etc.
      • Maximize ROI and accelerate payback
  • Core Financial Capabilities
    • Display the Proposed End Date in the Manage Financial Timeline dialog, while Change Requests that include timeline changes are in a Pending or Draft state
    • Fixed issue with duplicate snapshots being created during Stage Transitions when processing the transitions takes a long time
    • Fixed issue with ribbon becoming disabled in UMT360 Actuals web part when submitting a period without previously saving the financial values
    • Fixed an error which occurred when the timeline of an entity which aggregates financial values from one or more entities was modified and then returned to its original value
    • Fixed issue with Forecast period becoming editable when the last Actuals period is re-opened and the Lock Forecast Values upon approving Financial Status Periods option is being used
    • Fixed an error which occurred when exporting Financial grids to Excel and having long entity names
  • Resource Management
    • Added Weekly granularity in the context of UMT360 Resources, UMT360 My Resource Plans and UMT360 My Resources web parts
    • Improved performance in the Add Resources popup from the UMT360 Resources, UMT360 My Resource Plans and UMT360 My Resources web parts
    • Added the ability to automatically remove resources from Build Team when they are no longer included in the UMT360 Resource Plans, when those resources do not have a task assignment in the Project Plan
    • Added Email Address field in Create Resource popup from Resource Pool administration page
    • The value limit for Full Time Equivalent (FTE) has been removed
    • Fixed Values have been changed in another session error displayed in UMT360 Resources web part upon publishing the Project while using UMT360 Resources Edit Values only through Project Synchronization and Automatically Update Values on Project Plan Publish
    • The order of the Resource Dimensions in the Displayed Resource Dimensions field is persisted in the web part editor
    • The Apply button is now functional in the UMT360 Resources web part editor o Values are properly updated in UMT360 Resources web part when using Project Plan Integration and reassigning an assignment to a resource which is synchronized from Project
    • Fixed issue with Fields Update queue job getting stuck in a sleeping state whenever a new resources was added to the UMT360 Resource Plan while using Field Mappings
  • Roadmap and Milestone Management
    • Added a new Synchronized column to the Milestones OData view
    • Date Range Settings from Portfolio Roadmap Timeline Views are now persisted o The Entity bars are now properly adjusted in Roadmaps when using intrinsic Project fields to capture their Start and End Dates
    • Fixed issue with read-only Date Fields being editable in Milestones on certain browsers
    • The Project Summary Task is no longer synchronized with the UMT360 Milestones web part when the Project Schedule contains only milestone tasks
  • Other
    • The Global Options administration page has been redesigned with a more user friendly UI
    • Added Start Date and End Date fields to the Entities OData view
    • Fixed issue with UMT360 Queue processes being fired for entities which no longer exist in Project
    • Calculated SharePoint columns are now supported in the UMT360 Entity Details web part
    • The web part order from Project Detail Pages and UMT360 Forms is now persisted after upgrading to the latest UMT360 Version
    • Sync Provider Assignments and Synchronize Entity Information to the Reporting Database queue jobs are no longer started for projects that don’t exist in Project anymore
    • The Synchronize Entities dialog from the Manage Entity Type Settings administration page is filtered to show only Projects that are not created in UMT360 

Visit the UMT360 Product Version History page for version details. Customers and Partners can download CU12 via the online portals on www.umt360.com.